Need your help picking pirata stellina placement

  1. Okay I bought three pirata stellina's without seeing them from online and I really need your guys' opinions on this... I can't decide! So tell me which one you think has the best placement :confused1:

    Pirata stellina #1
    toki1.jpg toki1back.jpg
  2. Pirata stellina # 2
    toki2.jpg toki2back.jpg
  3. Pirata stellina # 3
    toki3.jpg toki3back.jpg
  4. They are all so cute! I think bag #1 is my favorite! With the Stellina, it is sometimes hard to get great print placement on the front side. It seems that the same print will show up repeatedly on the pockets. I have a Paradiso Stellina that has great placement on the back, but not great on the pocketed side.
  5. i think i like #2. i'm going through the same thing! so frustrating!!!! good luck.
  6. i think #2?? :biggrin:
  7. I like the first one.
  8. #1 is the best. haha
  9. I like #3 :biggrin:
  10. I'm liking #3
  11. Hi... #1!
  12. i like the first one! =)
  13. I think I like the third one.
  14. I say numero tres! :yes:
  15. I like #2. My pirata stellina has pirate kittie on the front flap too!!