Need your Help... Palm Springs Mini?

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  1. Help! I went into my LV last weekend to pick up my boyfriends birthday gift and saw the Palm Springs Mini Backpack for the first time. I had never considered it until I saw it. It's super cute, a great size and I love the mono with black trim.

    Knowing they have been hard to get I bought it and figured I would contemplate it later... Well here's later...


    -Very convenient (I would mostly carry it as a backpack I think.)
    - Good size (I have been loving the Alma BB size lately)
    - my collection is lacking Mono (which I was fine with until now)

    - I still have a few things on my wish list I have been planing on getting yet this year (mainly two more limited items)
    - the zipper seems little and kinda hard to get into

    The biggest thing on my wish list is:

    -Epi denim (most likely the Neverfull or Alma Bb or PM but very torn on those too.)
    -a Keepall 55 (mono with black straps)
    - and I would love something in the Travel Patch series that should be out soon (maybe Petit Noe)
    -eventually Noe BB in DA

    Here's a few photos:


    Current BAG collection:
    -speedy 30 mono (retired sadly due to cracking)
    -totally MM DA
    - Bloomsbury PM
    -speedy Empriente Infini
    -Alma BB Noir
    -Palm Springs Mini Backpack

    Wish list...
    -keepall 55
    -Neverfull or Alma in Denim Epi
    -Petite Noe or Noe BB (possibly the travel patch Noe if it's cute?)
    -toiletry 26 travel series

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  3. Well, if that's a picture of you wearing it on the water I think the decision is easy. Keep it as you've been using it. I think the PSM is adorable and is on my wish list.
  4. If you think you will use it, I'd keep it..I love mine. I wear it mostly over the shoulder, sometimes crossbody. I like the backpack style so much I bought a preloved pm...I have a few neverfulls (mono, V and Ikat) but don't use them much, it's not my favorite style but I do like the bag. I have a vernis alma bb I rarely use, I find it too small and requires me to switch out wallets have taken it out and used it, how do you return it?
  5. I do like it...

    As far as retuning it... I have had many people interested in purchasing it if I decide not to keep it. And I have only been playing with it, trying my thugs in it and taking photos. So I wouldn't even say I have used it in real life yet.
  6. I'm not a big fan of backpacks, so I would choose the NF. But at the end of the day, you need to decide which bag you love more and will use more. Good luck and let us know what you decide!!!
  7. Going by the photos you posted, the NF looks way better on you than the PSM. That's personal preference though, I just think the PSM is cute and then the appeal stops there for me.
    If it really makes your heart sing, keep it! The other items you are considering are permanent, no?
  8. I live in an urban area and I walk all the time. I find that backpacks are the perfect solution to looking chic and still being comfortable when I need to travel across the city. I vote the Palm Springs. I also think the petite size is very flattering and the Neverfull doesn't have as many unique or interesting angles.
  9. Thanks for the advice. The NF is permanent but the color is not. I think the PSM is a permanent piece so I should go with the NF but I am wondering if the PSM is more practical. I still can't decide!
  10. Does your stuff fit in the mini? If yes I would keep it. Based on the pics it looks cool and stylish on you, the NF holds more but it seems stiff in epi and I'm not crazy about that denim color (sorry)
    so I say KEEP! It'll match you Macassar Keepall when you get one :tup:
  11. That backpack is adorable! I say keep it! And it looks great on you.
  12. agree with this. if that is your picture, and you've already worn it out, i'm sorry but you have to keep it. it wouldn't be fair for anyone buying the returned piece.
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  13. I just saw your unboxing on youtube and love the palm springs mini on you. Keep it and rock it!!
  14. I don't have the mini I have the PM, and honestly it's probably the only LV I need. I have neglected all of my other bags since getting it, even the two I purchased after the backpack. I kind of keep hoping that I will get sick of it but it's such a great bag. The mini is so cute, I love it too, I just couldn't get it to look right on my frame but it's great on you!
  15. My vote is for the Epi denim Neverfull. I have it and it's just amazing!!

    I tried on the Palm Springs mini twice. Once when it came out and just this past Thursday. I don't buy the hype, that bag doesn't seem hard to get here in NJ.

    I think I would get tired of it pretty quick.

    I also have that exact Keepall, and it's THE best!