Need your help opening Cles!

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  1. I just received my first ever Damier Ebene Key and Change Holder (Cles). How do you open the key fob? I tried pressing but it doesn't move. :confused1:
  2. my girlfriend had one and we stuggled with it too....I think you don't push actually "lift" up the piece that looks like you would push it...??? Do you know what I mean?
    P.S. I love pugs too...I have 2
  3. Mimi-Ann, Thanks! got it, definitely a trick to learn! Lift the movable arm though the tendency is to push that piece in. How old are they? My Pugs are 5 girl and 6 boy. :heart:
  4. I'm glad you got does look like you should push it doesn't it......
    My pugs are 13( Riley, black male) and 10 (Brodie, Fawn male )my two babies !!!!