Need your help on Rock & Chain Bag

  1. Hello,

    Have anyone own this bag in hobo style? What do you think? There is a small red one in hobo style for me waiting & I never seen IRL yet. TIA
    RCblackhobo.jpg RCredflap.jpg RCwhite.jpg
  2. I own the large hobo version. I passed on the small version because of its size and you really can't get it up your shoulder. But I do love the way it looks. I love my big one.
  3. I saw the small one yesterday at NM and thought it was cute but like JFusion said, it is quite small. I would have a hard time getting my wallet in and out of it.
  4. Wow. The bag is small huh. Do you find it's easy wear? Mostly over the shoulder?

    What color do you own?