Need your help on my next Chanel

  1. Ok, I'm ready for my next Chanel bag :smile:

    I have a black with silver hardware 2.55 that I love as well as a black GST that I use as my work bag.

    I'm thinking of getting a Baby Cabas. What are your thoughts/suggestions? I'm more of a classic handbag person.
  2. I think the baby cabas is a very pretty and functional bag. But I have decided I want to focus on classic bags too. I passed on this bag, but many here love it and say they use it quite a bit. Have you tried it on to see how it looks? Sometimes to see it in person can help a lot.
  3. Baby Cabas would be a great throw around bag and it would look great with a pair of jeans.

  4. What did you end up buying instead? I haven't been able to find a baby cabas in the store to try on but have seen many pictures from fellow TPFers. What other bags are considered classics?

  5. Thanks....yes looking for a more casual bag for weekends when I'm not using my GST. Any other suggestions?