Need your help on an MP

  1. Okay. I contacted NR and they have an Oatmeal MP that I am interested in. Problem...I have never seen them in real life and all sales final on the MJ bags. I tend to go towards the neutral colors b/c that is my personality but this bag online seems like of bland. HELP!!! I hate to pass up a great deal and regret it. Any advice?:confused1:
  2. I just bought one last is the link to my pics..

    IKWYM about buying stuff sight unseesn..That's how I have to buy all my stuff!! In this case I wasn't worried about the 'no return'..I like the mp style and knew whatever shade of color I could wear it..I dress up every day for work, plus this would look good w/ jeans...I couldn't pass up the price..$349!!!! Hope this helps..What are you going to do?!?
  3. I just got it yesterday and love it, but I needed a neutral because I used to purchase wilder bags. It's a very light creamy color (can't decide if it's cool or warm) with med. brown stitching. The stitching is about the color of a paper sack - I'm sure you want it now! It's a nice, light neutral, and I think it's a great alternative to a white bag. At first I thought that most of the MJ bags were bland, but this one totally grew on me and I love it! It's sitting beside me on the desk at work just so I can look at it.
  4. I think Oatmeal is the perfect neutral! You should go for it!
  5. cute purse! What color is the lining? I so want a white or cream color MJ bag but am so afraid it will get dirty.
  6. The lining is a suede-ish light brown/tan.
  7. I am leaning towards yes. I have a stark white leather coach purse but I am always wiping it down because it gets dirty so easily. Also, I have a few minor scratches and they totally stand out. Have you noticed this with the oatmeal colored bags?
  8. You should get it! I also have an oat MP, but I haven't worn it out that much so I can't tell you about stains/scratches. I did just treat it with apple leather stuff (conditioner/stain guard) so hopefully that'll keep it clean. It's also not a stark white so it should hide dirt/scratches better than your Coach.
  9. You gals are awesome. When everyone else thinks I am crazy for obsessing, I come here and I feel normal. Thanks for all your help! Anyone else have issues w/ scratches/stains?
  10. ^ I haven't used here yet!!! But I'll let you know!!!