Need your help!! Lindy Orange or Etoupe?!

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  1. I have a choice between a Lindy orange or Etoupe 30.
    I am completely torn between the two because they are both beautiful, classic Hermes colors but they are so different and so hard to compare them.

    I would love to hear your opinions and which one you rather have!
    Thank you in advance! :biggrin::party:
  2. ORANGE fo shoooooo! :smile: i know it is a hard choice between the 2 as noth are verynclassic Hermes colours. but i would have to go with orange, as orange is a very special color. honestly i have been trying to find an orange lindy for a hwile now and have gone acroas a few etoupe lindys hoth in stores and on the arms ofkovely ladies and a few men around the world. maybe this is a total bias opinion but i hope you pic orange! it is a spicy element to add to any outfit! sure to be a head turner! please update on ur decision and do a reveal :love:
  3. ^sorry about the loads of typo, sometimes the ipad just cant keep up!
  4. Orange!! Such a happy color....
    Surprisingly neutral.
  5. Etoupe! It is my absolute favorite H color!
  6. SO torn!!!!

    Oh, I heard someone said that orange is an easy color that will show signs of worn more and easier to get dirty, is it truly???
  7. ooh tough choice. if you wear more pops of color choose etoupe, if you wear more subdued neutrals choose orange.

    i have an etoupe lindy even though i wear subdued colors because bright bags aren't my thing. should i want a pop of color i just add bright twillies.
  8. Orange Lindy definitely
  9. Orange.... Really make lindy stands out. Even tho dirts can be easily seen, but a trip to H store will solve the problem.:biggrin:
  10. I will choose etoupe...... my orange kelly long wallet IMO is a little difficult to maintain as stains are more obvious
  11. really? my SA always said that a spa treatment will take 6-8 months!! because they have to send the bag back to Paris......
  12. urgh...take both...take both...oh i dont what am i talking about now..

  13. I wish!!!!!!!! no $$$ for both!!! only one, only one!!!
  14. He he understand you so well, cos if I were you, I would have the same dilemma too urgh...BUT Orange is hard to come by plus is the H's color (my best advice yah):biggrin: ALL the best and pls reveal it here, whichever you have still GOOD!

  15. It wil depends the level of dirts. My store has in house craftsman n simple dirts can be done without sending to Paris. But for an orange to get really really dirty s gonna take long time... U wil have a long way to enjoy it before sending for refurbishment. Even colour like etoupe will eventually get dirty just dat it won't b obvious .