Need your help ladies!!!

  1. Hey, I'm thinking about purchasing my next Chanel handbag soon.. and I'm choosing between the Jumbo Classic Flap in black and s/h OR the luxe bronze bowler.. But I have a question for it still possible to get the luxe bowler or have they been discontinued?? I might get the Jumbo first, after hearing of rumors of ANOTHER price increase! Thanks for all your help! ;)
  2. I believe you can still get the luxe bowler, not sure if the bronze color is available though. I've seen other colors at Bergdorf.
  3. I have seen the bowler around as well...but not in bronze lately. Call Chanel to see if they can track one down for you. However, I think you should go with the Jumbo flap.....classic and NEVER out of style. The bowler is a little more trendy. I stick to the classics.
  4. Thank you!! =)
  5. I have both and agree the flap is a classic. If I had to choose one I would go with the flap. They are both beautiful!
  6. I'd go with the flap as well. can;t wait to see it!
  7. I'd choose the flap over the bowler as well.
  8. Between those 2, I'd pick the jumbo flap!