need your help ladies.....choose between ladie dior cannage or LV vernise stockton


should I get

  1. Lady dior - black

  2. lv vernise stockton in beige

  3. lv stockton in pomme d'mour

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  1. I am debating should I get the Lady Dior Cannage or the LV Vernise stockton. The dior has more of sophesicate look and lv is a little casual. Please help out.


  2. I prefer Lady dior - black!
  3. They are all beautiful. LV Vernis line is very nice. Dior Lady is very classic, a little more mature look. Depending on your age and how you want to use the purse. Since black Lady Dior is more easy to match with clothes, Personally I would prefer black Lady Dior.
  4. I have the pomme d'amour in the vernis reade and it is the most beautiful colour, I love it.

    The lady dior is classic and elegant but I don't see it as an everyday bag.

    Depends if you like a shoulder or carry bag too.
  5. lv pomme d'amour.jpg

    This is taken without flash so it gives a good indication of actual colour.
  6. I would say the LV in red if you want a more casual bag. I love the Dior cannage as a dressier bag.
  7. I love the LV vernis line.
  8. my take- the dior one
    much more class. the LVs you have chosen are more casual.
    do u plan to get a casual bag or a dress bag?
  9. i think theres a bias since you're under the Dior section of the forum hehe. But seriously, with the dior i think you can enjoy it more and not have to baby it as much. I love LV but to always be paranoid that rain will ruin your vachetta? and what about the oils from your hands.... 5-6 years down the line with some hardcore usage you may have uneven aging and darkening of the straps.

    LOVE lv.... but its too exhausting thinking about caring for it
  10. ahaa, I found the Lady Dior high maintenance too. I don't use it very often b/c I am tired of looking after it. ;)