need your help ladies! blk caviar jumbo vs. blk outdoor flap

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jubmo caviar vs. outdoor flap

  1. jumbo caviar

  2. blk outdoor flap

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  1. i want a bag in the size of the jumbo flap, and the outdoor is the closest i can find. the DS ligne never came in a flap bag.
  2. I have the small DS flap bag and it is coming back for the fall. Fits everyday essentials, priced around $1750. Pls Check reference library for pics.
  3. the DS flap bag doesn't look like the jumbo classic flap right? it looks almost like the luxe ligne flap. the outdoor classic flap is the only one that resembles the classic flap.
  4. ^Yes, the DS did come in a flap style but the shape is closer to the Luxe Flap. That would give you an alternative flap style with distressed leather.
  5. tks for the suggestion, but i want something similar to the size and look of the jumbo caviar flap.
  6. I think in your heart you really want the caviar jumbo. Why not go for it before the price goes up again?
  7. i think i'm going to get the outdoor flap, i found this picture, and love how it looks. the strap seems to be shorter and not as "boxy" looking. since i alreayd have quite a few classic flaps in multitude of colors. this could be a nice change. mine would be in black though.

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