need your help ladies! blk caviar jumbo vs. blk outdoor flap

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jubmo caviar vs. outdoor flap

  1. jumbo caviar

  2. blk outdoor flap

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  1. not sure what the distressed looks like but have the jumbo caviar flap and love it.
  2. here's a picture of the outdoor flap, again, it looks identical to the jumbo flap but with distressed leather instead of caviar.
    picture borrowed from the reference library.

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  3. I think either one is nice. The outdoor one has a rugged look to it that is quite chic.
  4. The Outdoor Ligne is for people who don't want to worry about harsh weather conditions or anything else affecting their's rugged looks mean you don't have to be careful with it ever! I would never consider using my OL Hobo as a '"dressy" bag.
  5. Jumbo. You will never regret :smile:
  6. jumbo!
  7. i guess not too many ppl are crazy about the outdoor ligne, even if it's the flap.
  8. ^ I still prefer caviar jumbo, outdoor flap looks more casual. Go for what your heart calls out for. =)
  9. does anyone has a picture of the jumbo??
  10. Jumbo flap!
  11. Another difference is that you can wear the distressed OL messenger style, but I don't think you can really wear the jumbo caviar sideways, as the single chain would be too long.
  12. I wear mine sideways like a messenger bag sometimes when I want my hands to be free. I loop the chain under the flap and make it one long chain. And sometimes I knot the chain under the flap and make the bag hug under my arm. AND then I sometimes wear it normal. Here's a photo for mochmoch.

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  13. any chance i can get a modelin pic out of the ladies who own this bag? tks so very much in advance.
  14. I vote caviar flajp. I'm just not a fan of the outdoor.
  15. If you would like an everyday distressed bag how about the Diamond Stitch? I personally prefer the jumbo flap & DS over the Outdoor Ligne.