need your help ladies! blk caviar jumbo vs. blk outdoor flap

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jubmo caviar vs. outdoor flap

  1. jumbo caviar

  2. blk outdoor flap

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  1. both are the same size, as we all know the blk jumbo caviar is 2250, whereas the blk outdoor flap is 1595. i alrady have a med/large blk w/ gold hardware, and a red and white e/w w/ the bijoux chain.

    i want a jumbo to wear as an everyday, easy go lucky kinda bag.
    the outdor is a gret price for the same size, but will it replace my need for a blk jumbo caviar? HELP!
  2. do you have a pic of the outdoor flap?
  3. Honestly, I don't really like the outdoor ligne. I say jumbo classic.
  4. i'm a little bias since i love flaps. so my vote is for the jumbo flap!
  5. Jumbo flap!
  6. i must say i don't like either of them. primarily because the jumbo looks humongous on me. i'd go for a tote, like the vintage ligne. IMO.
  7. that's what i thought too when i first started my flap collection, but after using my med. flap several times, i've come to the realization that the size is not all that practical for everyday. since i love the flaps, the only other choice is to get the jumbo. i have to say overall i'm not too crazy for any of the chanel totes. other than the medallion, which i :heart::heart::heart:.
  8. I think you should get the Jumbo!! :smile::heart: I think it'll look nice with dressy casual clothing, possibly more so than the black outdoor flap... but I happen to be partial to Chanel flaps haha. :smile: I used to have only one Jumbo in my collection (too many medium flaps, which I still adore to pieces, and E/W's), but like you, I realized that you really can't fit all that much in the medium flaps (even though I normally don't carry much) when you need to carry sunnies, odds and ends, etc. Also, I think that if you get the Outdoor flap, you'll still want the Jumbo haha. :P Soo... go Jumbo! :tup: Ohhh, and since you already have a medium flap w/ gold hardware, a silver hardware Jumbo would be a great addition IMO! :smile:
  9. Jumbo flap, it's growing on me.
  10. the jumbo! i'm a sucker for this i'm obviously biased...i don't own one yet...but i would live vicariously through you! post pics of what you end up choosing!
  11. Jumbo Flap!
  12. Aw I love the jumbo flap, but for an everyday bag, I love my outdoor classic flap!! It's SO easy to wear. I just throw it on messenger style and I don't have to worry about the leather AT ALL. My style is kinda funky though, which is probably why I like it so much - the distressed leather suits me perfectly.

    Let us know what you decide! And must post modeling pics!!
  13. jumbo caviar flap:tup:
  14. blk caviar jumbo
  15. just so everyone's clear, the outdoor flap looks exactly like the jumbo, but the leather is distressed.