Need your help ladies! Abbey or Jolicoeur?

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  1. I need your help in deciding between these two totes - Abbey or Jolicoeur. How are the totes in terms of durability and ease of usage? Many thanks gals! :yahoo:

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  2. My vote for the Abbey, holds a lot of things, and getting stuff in and out is no difficulty at all.

    Good luck! :biggrin:
  3. abbey is going on sale in the USA first week of dec :smile:

    presale at saks starts nov 29th, I HEAR.
  4. i have both bags and they are just as useful. but if i have to pick one, it would have to be the Jolicoeur, its design is classic.
  5. My worry about Jolicoeur is that the bottom corners of the bag will fray and tear easily... I only noticed that recently when I saw some ladies on the street with fairly new pieces but torn corners. I'm not sure if it's due to abuse?
  6. I have both....

    If i have to choose, wit will defintely be abbey as the shape of the bag is unique.. if you get enough of the square and rectangular shape... abbey will be the choice...
  7. I vote Abbey...the shape is more unique...
  8. abbey
  9. JOLI COUER..all the way..I bought it in 3 colors..They wear fine and are FAB bags
  10. Hi Jill, are any of your Jolicoeur totes' bottom corners frayed/torn yet? By the way, for how long have you had your totes?
  11. ^ ive had them for way over a year or two-They arent worn AT ALL..cant imagine why any would wear like that either..I know ALOT of people with this bag..NEVER seen wear on it....
  12. ^Thanks Jill! I cannot fathom why some of the ladies whom I've seen carrying the totes have such frayed/torn corners! I was quite appalled when I saw that for the first time. My guess is that the torn corners can only be attributed to abuse.
  13. ^LOL! we need a handbag abuse hotline here.....ROFL
  14. :yes: :roflmfao: One of my colleagues abuses her Gucci alot too!
  15. i have a small joliceur and an abbey and they both have different uses! :smile: perhaps the abbey, get one before they run out of the leather trim u like! :smile: