Need your help - Item not received

  1. Hi girls
    need your help.

    I BIN a bag from eBay USA on 5 March. I'm in the UK and she mailed it 8 March. She emailed me the tracking number a couple of days ago and she used a registered service only, all I get when I track it on the USPS website is:

    Your item was accepted at xx:xx PM on March 8, 2007 in xxxxxxxx. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    It doesn't even look like it's in UK yet.

    What should I do, should I file a item not received or shall I wait.

    I've emailed her but she's pretty slow getting back to me - took her nearly a week to give me the tracking number. Btw I paid $30 for shipping.

    I've bought quite a bit from the US and nothing has ever taken this long before. :sad:
  2. i'm in the same situation too adn it's worst.
    i bought something from canada and paid at 5th feb, it's not even here yet.
    i claim on paypal now.

    i think you should send more mails asking the item's whereabouts.
    when i'm selling, i know i will go high adn low to find where's the item's i'm selling if it's not there yet.

    and said to her, that you're going to claim if she can't tell you where it is now.

    btw, r u paying by paypal?
  3. since she gave you the tracking number:
    what kind of shipment was it? I remember I bought twice something from US and the tracking nos started with "L" the post office here told me that they could not track this item with these numbers further than leaving US. if it is one of these tracking nos. it may be in UK, and it may be held up in customs. I finally received my parcel (to germany) after 3 to 4 weeks...

    there have been a couple of other threads on UK customs, and it can take time.

    you can report an item not received (you are still within the time limit I think??? 40 days I think it is? - if you paid via paypal!) - but if you do that with paypal you have to be aware that there is no way to change that claim, i.e. if it turns out to be a fake item you can't claim for that! so I can't really give you any advice on this one other than share my experiences.

    if you haven't paid with paypal you can open a dispute with eBay but I am not sure what good it will do either way as the seller has provided a tracking number... I can't say as I never opened such dispute - I usually waited the time out.

    If I was in your position I might be inclined to check how long I could open a dispute with paypal (providing you used paypal) and wait a little longer. it also depends on buyer protection.

  4. Hi Beany

    I have just been thru a similar problem. Also, a couple of others, if you look on EBay Forum ~ OMG Has this happened to anyone, you will see the complete info.

    If you go to the site, put in the tracking number you first got into the track & trace.

    It may well throw up a new page, with a new error, saying it cannot find it, ignore that and put in your number in the relevant box, and tick international incoming parcel box. Ignore the date posting.

    Just hit enter, it may well take a few minutes, it is really slow, but, it will probably show you information at every step.

    Also USPS can send you an email of activity.

    From my experience, and a phone call with the local depot this morning. The information it shows you on the parcelforce site, is a little misleading.

    It would appear that it spends the longest time in Customs, and then it can be 2/3 days (even if its not over a weekend) before a letter goes out asking for the charges. etc.

    So, it can be a longer process than you might expect.

    Hope it arrives soon. If you need any help with the parcelforce site, contact me. I tried to explain last night, but, I don't think the OP could follow. In the end, we did get the info though.
  5. ^^

    Thanks so much for your help.
    Yes I paid with paypal on 5 March, she said she posted it on the 8 March and emailed me the tracking no on 20 March (after I sent her a couple emails asking for it). The tracking no starts with RA, which stands for registered letter mail (I'm becoming quite the expert on mailing options from the US :rolleyes: , so it shouldn't even go via parcel force, but she go via Royal Mail once it gets to the UK - still have to pay customs charges, if it goes to RM customs. At this point I don't even care if I pay £50 charges. The annoying thing is that I can't even track it on either the Royal Mail website (or PF) and on USPS it only says handed over to USPS. I paid $30 shipping, what on earth possessed the seller not to use a fully trackable service for a $450 bag is beyond me.

    Sorry for the rant but I just want my bag NOW!!

    Think I'm going to give her until next Tuesday and if I still haven't got it, going to start a paypal dispute.

    I read all the other threats and it does seem like we're having a bad time with mail from the US.
  6. Update
    Hi girls
    The postie knocked this morning and delivered my bag :woohoo: :woohoo: and no custom charges. thanks for all your help.
  7. Just to let you know for the future as far as i know ( had the same situation ) - when an item is shipped with USPS and u track it this will only show you when it left States and then when it was delivered - it doesnt work the same way as with fedex for example... so there was nothing wrong with the shipment really its just how USPS works... hope that helps:yes:
  8. beany,

    i sold an LV on ebay and sent it from france to the US.
    i sent it staright after payment and it took 4 weeks to get there.
    the buyer had a fit but i also gave a tracking number and insured it. however, on the website there is hardly any info.
    i believe you just have to be patient.

    in the end, she received it and didnt even give me feedback even though i gave her some:confused1:
  9. Thanks girl, yes I'm know I'm just very impatient and have been very lucky in the past nothing has ever taken more than 5 days to get to me from the states and I've always been really lucky and been able to track it all the way, but then the other sellers used USPS Express mail. I shouldn't complain I got my bag and love it. :yahoo:
  10. Something caught my eye a few weeks ago, on EBay.

    It was from Singapore. When it arrived, not only was it showing the same detail normally on the green sticker on it.

    But it had a gift ribbon round the brown envelope. :yes: I've had packages that have the items gift wrapped, with happy birthday on before. No wonder I am feeling so old, all these birthdays.

    Plus you can hardly ever read the customs form, so maybe, they just let it through.
  11. update on my situatuion...

    i was opening a open communication in paypal with the buyers...
    this doesn't mean that u retracted the payment from the seller but at least i kinda frightened them a little bit and being more responsive!

    after about 2 weeks of open comm without any improvement fb from the seller which means she still doens't give me the proof of shipping, i finally claim on paypal.

    then she gave paypal a tracking number of proof the bag is delivered BUT.... it's not delivered to my address, it's not even delivered to my COUNTRY :wtf:

    and then 2 days later which is yesterday, paypal approved my claim and credited my money back to my CC :yes:

    g luck to you, adn i hope things resolved soon :yes: