Need Your help!!!! Is this Authentic?

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  1. Hi everyone... I need your expertise on a problem.

    Because I have recently gone back to school...I was looking for a bag I can just throw around and get battered and so I was looking for a nylon Prada bag. First I went through my usual sources of and (which are my usual places I buy my Pradas from) but lately there are none that I like. Then I stumbled upon Amazon and ordered a Prada duffel looking small bag (1N1127) in Malva...It is the cuttest bag ever!! The price was great too but I wanted to know if this was authentic? Im so sorry that I cannot post pictures.....pls help! The lining is not the color of the bag..the bag is eggplant purple but the lining is black. Thank you!!
  2. Please repost in the Authenticate This sticky provided at the top of this Forum.
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