Need your help in picking a tote!

  1. :flowers: Dear All,

    I intend to purchase a tote (either after my ban, or selling one of my other unused bags to get this tote – it’s not considered ban-breaking!) but I need all of your opinions on which one to get! I just want a roomy one which is comfy to carry, durable and not too cumbersome. The reason why I’m wanting a shoulder tote is because I’ve already got the Speedy. Thank you all for your opinions!
  2. BH seems to be the larger sized shoulder bag of choice..

    but I prefer the BV. :graucho:
  3. Do you like the Damier line? The Chelsea, the Uzes or the Saleya GM are all great options!
    In mono, I love the Cabas Mezzo.
    Good luck!
  4. Popincourt haut

    Lockit H


    Batignolles Horizontal


  5. the PH and the BH are great looking shoulder bags..... roomy as well
  6. I own the LH and PH and love both...LH is much larger and the PH is super cute...had to get both..not at the same time though $$$$$ I have enough totes!!!!
  7. I must mention again the Batignolles Horizontal, this bag does it for me, great for busy days, travel or work tote. I just can't think of a better bag for so many purposes, I call my bag "big Mama" she is the mother of all my
  8. I love the BH. Have fun choosing!
  9. saleya pm or mm!
  10. PH is gorgeous, and so is the cabas piano!
  11. i have both the Popincourt Haut and Batignolles Horizontal, and they're great shoulder bags :yes:. the straps are very comfortable, and both bags are very roomy. plus they don't have tutti vachetta bottoms to worry about, unlike the Cabas bags :blah:
  12. SO funny! I just posted this same question. I myself will be going for the Batignolles Horizontal. Maybe you'll decide the same thing. The PH looks great too but I think that the Batignolles Horizontal is where it's at :smile:
  13. I want a PH so I'd vote for that. :flowers:
  14. Bh Bh Bh Bh Bh! : )
  15. I'm really grateful for all your replies! ;)

    Looks like BH is really popular here! Actually, I kind of like BH as well as PH. I even thought of Petite Bucket (but the vachetta bottom - ack!!)!

    Keep your suggestions coming in! Thanks very much I really appreciate them.