Need your help in a tragic situation plz

  1. This brings me much pain to have to disclose but a dear friend of mine and my DH's was tragically killed on-duty while on his way to a DUI task force Sat evening. He was a motor officer and was struck by a drunk driver and died at the hospital later that night. My husband and I were at the hopsital when it happened and I wish no one that misery. His wife is a friend of ours too and words can't describe the shock and disbelief in her eyes that I saw that night. We have been over at her house visitng w/ her along w/ other friends/family members and my tears are not only for the loss of a dear and gracious friend but for the loss his wife feels. To have to watch his wife make funeral arrangments, where he's going to be buried and what church, etc pains me. Watching constant updates on the news and the media furiates us as we watch the careless drunk driver stare apathetically at the judge. I'm crying as I'm writing this b/c it just hurts so much and they weren't even married 1 yr yet. They were trying to have kids but alas, that day will never come.

    I also beseech every single one of you to think before going out at night. It just takes one drink, just one to decrease your ability to logically think. That *&#(&*#@% a-hole killed our friend and a dear husband/son/brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was 20yo, drunk driving and already had a suspended license and a warrant for a previous DUI. I ask any one of you who just has a "couple" of drinks, "it won't affect me" or "I have a high tolerance" attitude to ask if it was worth that night of partying realizing how much pain it could potentially cause someone?

    Our friend's wife is much too young to be widow. However, this is the harsh reality w/ which we are faced.......

    The funeral will be sometime this week but this is why I'm writing this:
    Although this is an extremely personal matter that we are experiencing, I'm having a hard time finding a song that his wife requested to be played at his funeral. All she knows is that it is sung by a female artist and some of the partial lyrics have "my time has come" or "my job here is done" and something about retiring my badge and gun. These are just excerpts from lyrics but we aren't sure if those are actually the lyrics. She also said that it's by a female artist you wouldn't expect to be singing a song like that. I am begging for your help to find out who this could possibly be. I have searched and searched and have come up w/ nothing. Please help......if you can't find the lyrics then just always keep in the back of your head just how drunk driving can rip peoples' lives apart as it has done to us.
  2. Jasanna, I'm so sorry for your loss. A close friend of mine was killed by a drunk driver years ago. I understand the pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend during this hardship.

    I'm sorry I don't know the song you are searching for. I hope someone here can help you with that.
  3. Jasanna, I am so sorry for you, your DH and your friend's widow :sad: :sad: :sad: Too many people are injured or killed by drunk drivers every year. I wish I could help you with the song, but I'm not familiar with it. I just wanted to let you know that I'm very sorry for your loss :sad:
  4. I'm truly sorry for your loss of such a dear friend. Just reading this made me think of all the hurt one person can cause bu not thinking clearly after a night out. I will keep all of you in my thoughts, and in the meantime, search for that song. God Bless.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about this senseless tragic accident that you and your loved ones have endured. I will certainly keep you all in my prayers. I will do my best to find the song.
  6. my thought are with you and his family. it is a terrible situation and people should really think before driving after driniking! driving in an altered state is a way to kill others, not only yourself!
    i found this song but i'm afraid it is not the one you were searching for:cry:
  7. I am so sorry for your lost :sad: Drunk drivers are indeed the most selfish people in the world.. they deserve more severe punishment. Be strong and hang in there, his wife needs you. I will ask among my friends see if anyone knows of that song..
  8. That's not it but thx just the same. She said someone like Alannis Morrisette or someone like her maybe??
  9. I am so sorry for your loss...I tried searching to the best of my ability but could not find the song. Best wishes and hope you find it :sad:
  10. Am sorry to hear of such a trajic happening......

    Is it an old song or fairly new
  11. I want to say recent but not 1 yr ago recent but not from the 80's either....she doesn't think.
  12. Oh how horrible! I'm so sorry to hear of your tragic loss--
    As bad as this is- at least take comfort in the fact that you can be there for his wife during such a terrible time.
  13. I do know what you are going through as my husband and I just went through the same thing last week. I am heartbroken to hear that another young woman is a widow but in your case by the hands of a careless person most likely in the depths of the disease of alcoholism. I know that disease too well as my DH is a recovering alcoholic. It is an incredibly selfish addiction and people in the thick of it are too blinded by this chemical to think about anyone or anything else except how to get more into their system. They are sick. I am not excusing the actions of the person who struck your friend - your friend chose a job that helped others and for some reason, God allowed this to happen and he is home with Him. I pray that his wife (your friend) finds peace and comfort and can eventually forgive the drunk driver. Her husband is in good hands and she will see him again.
    As for the song, I will do my best to see if I can find out what it is.
    PM me if you need to talk further.
  14. I am at a loss of word, I am so sorry this happened. No one should have to go through this at all.

    If anyone wants to call me extreme, I don't really care. But people like this who gets drunk go out and killed innocent people in this senseless accident shoud get the same punishment as the victim. He should sat in the car and maybe have 18 wheeler run over, now that's fair.

    I have no compassion at all for an animal like this, doesn't even deserve to be called human.
  15. I am at loss for words righ now. I am more than sorry to hear of your loss. You, and your friend are in my thoughts a prayers. I will try to find the song you are looking for and pm you if I do.