need your help girls

  1. sorry but its a definite fake. If you read through her auction she is very clever as nowhere has she put that it is guaranteed authentic bag, she has listed it as 100% satisfaction guaranteed which is always a 100% sure sign that the bag is fake. The chloe engraving on the clasp is wrong too. The price of course is another giveaway.

    Have you paid for it yet? She states at the end that she is a reasonable person (which is odd seeing as she sells fake bags ;)), I would email her and tell her that you thought you were buying a genuine bag and do not condone fakes.) If she leaves you negative, make sure you add she is selling a fake bag in her negative feedback, it will look much worse on her than you
  2. thank you so much. No, I have not paid and I am going to email her and tell her exactly that and hope she does not leave neg feedback. I knew I should have posted here before I bid. thanks again, Loren