Need your help girls !!


What would you choose, girls?

  1. Azur Pochette wallet

  2. Azur French purse

  3. Suhali zipped compact in grey

  4. Nothing as I have too much

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  1. I have a little budget to get a new wallet now. Normally, I like the wallet in Zipped Compact wallet style. Anyway, I like to buy a new one with Azur pattern. The zipped compact wallet in Suhali is quite pricy (I could buy a speedy instead lol )

    My first Choice is the long pochette wallet in Azur ( I never have any long pochette wallet before in my whole life) and sometimes I think the long wallet couldn't fit well with a small bag.

    My second Choice is French purse (which I never own any wallet in this style too). This style is cute and girly but it is rather thick.

    My third choice is Suhali zipped compact wallet in grey. I like it but I think it is too expensive. I always expected to pay that much for a Chanel wallet not a LV one. Moreover, I got many wallets ( 3 Cambon wallets, 1 Prada, 1 Dior, 1 LV) with me now (but I deadly need a new one and it should be LV this time.)

    Help me choose one ,please.
  2. French Purse!
  3. I voted for the Azur French Purse..I love this wallet. I have the compact zip wallet in orange perfo and it's thick. It's the one thing I didn't like about it (I haven't even used it yet). So unless they've done something different to each of these wallets, the french purse is thinner. As far as long wallets go I have the mono zippy and I'm thinking of selling's rather large and since I dont carry a checkbook it seems like alot of wallet for nothing.
  4. :yes::yes:

    One issue is when I put some more money to the wallet which have to fold the note ,sometimes it makes wallet lost its shape. You know what I mean? Maybe 20 GBP notes for 200 GBP makes the wallet look ugly :shrugs:
  5. "( I never have any long pochette wallet before in my whole life)" is a good reason to get one.
  6. I never really carry that much cash on me maybe thats why I feel this way. Ha..the only time I carry a bunch of cash is when I visit LV so theres no paper
  7. :roflmfao: lol
  8. :angel:
  9. I love the french purse ... one of my favorite LV wallets ... so classy! I think every LV lover should have at least one french purse! I have it in mono, epi lilac, but my fave is my vernis amarante.
  10. another vote for the french purse. It looks very classy and beautiful, but also functional.
  11. I voted for the Azur Pochette Wallet.
  12. Azur Pochette wallet
  13. Another vote for azur pochette wallet too:love:
  14. The long pochette wallet fits just fine in a smaller bag like the Manhattan PM, and it even fits easily in the petite epi Segur PM with enough room for a few other essentials.

    Personally I like the way everything is easy to access in the pochette style .... the one thing that puts me off the french purse is that it's just not as functional if you're paying cash. I do prefer the size of the french purse, but for ease of use the pochette wallet gets my vote.
  15. I think you should spend the money on a new bag or something else!