Need your help girls!


Which combination?

  1. Anthracite Courier

  2. Anthracite Flat Messenger

  3. Sandstone Courier

  4. Sandstone Flat Messenger

  5. Bleu Glacier Courier

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Alright, these new colors are just too much, and this purse ban has NOT been fun. I'm going to take advantage of the LVR free shipping this month, I was wondering though which of these would be the best color/style combination?

    Courier in:
    Blue Glacier


    Flat Messenger in:

    I've been wanting a courier for a while, but the flat messenger interests me too. As far as colors go, i love popping colors, but i like them better on small bags, the more neutral, the more i'll wear it. I'm leaning towards the anthracite courier, what do you guys think?
  2. Anthracite courier :yes:
  3. I voted for the anthracite Courier because it's darker and won't show dirt even though I like the sandstone color better. Either will be really nice. GOOD LUCK!
  4. Same as MRG, I voted the Anthracite Courier for the same reasons that she did. Get the Flat Messenger in the Sandstone. :yes:
  5. Anthracite is such a nice new colour that would look great with just about anything (unless you think it's too similar to Ink...) and I adore the way Couriers look on men. :yes: So that's my vote.
  6. ITA !! go for the Anthracite courier!!
  7. That got my vote too- you'll totally rock it!
  8. Anthracite Courier for me too :smile: