Need Your Help For Decision Making

  1. Okay ladies, looking through my collection, I see that I do not own any black handbags in general. Maybe that sounds yeah, I seriously need to get my hands on one right now and of course it gotta be a Chanel. Well, the story goes on as my bf offers to buy me one for Christmas. Now, the question is what should I get?

    P.S. Open suggestion for any styles. Pix would be awesome. Thanks ladies ;)
  2. classic black caviar flap :yes:
  3. another vote for classic flap!!!
  4. can't go wrong with a classic flap
  5. Okay, I gets the classic flap wins it all. But let's make it more fun, how about anything else other than the classic flap.
  6. What about ultimate soft in black or a reissue, if you can find one, or a cerf tote. There are many styles as you know. Do you want a special occasion purse or a day bag, or something that has versatility. Try some of the other styles and see what you love.
  7. Thanks jmen, I want some sort of an everyday bag, something versatile, durable and functional. I'm thinking of either a 226 metallic black reissue or a lady braid bowler or maybe even a GST. I would love to have them all though but my bf's wallet won't be happy about
  8. i say the original coco cabas in caviar leather, or maybe the GST
  9. i would think of...
    black caviar jumbo flap
    black modern chain tote
  10. I tend to gravitate more towards classic styles lately, so I'm going to have to be totally unoriginal and vote for a black GST or black Jumbo classic flap. You can never go wrong with those two. I also have and love the baby (small) cabas in black and it's a great daily bag as well.

    If you're going to get a GST though, might I suggest waiting until spring/summer of '08 since that is when they are releasing the seasonal and limited washed caviar GST which I heard is TDF!!! :drool:
  11. A glazed black Modern Chain or a Classic Flap
  12. Oh wow, thanks missisa for the wonderful information about the "washed caviar" GST. I wonder how is that going to look but I'm so excited to see it irl. Also, thank you everyone for your inputs and suggestions. My mind is pretty set for the GST right now. But darn, now i have to wait until the Spring/Summer season? :sad::hrmm:
  13. I vote for a modern chain tote, a baby cabas or a patent lux tote. All black. All gorgeous!

  14. OOOOOOOO!!!!! Good suggestions!!! I totally agree!:tup: