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Sep 16, 2006
Hey guys! I'm an avid LV lover and was just mustering the gumption to delve into another purchase when i went..wait...i could get a chanel bag!! :smile: It's totally different from what i have and they're classics. now, where to start? I'm 5' 6" and looking for a classy day to evening bag. I don't know the brand very well (styles, fabric, size etc.) but for the research i've done on pics are appreciated!

What should my first chanel buy be?! :nuts:

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Mar 19, 2008
I would get a medium classic flap. Go look at them IRL so you can see whether you like cavair or lambskin better. Also gold or silver hardware. That will probably depend on the color you choose also. I would get black since it goes with everything.


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Jan 26, 2007
Kirkcaldy posted some awesome suggestions, especially the first, third and fourth ones. They are the reissue, the classic flap and the camera bag. All of them are equally TDF although the classic flap and reissue are probably a bit more "classic". I prefer lambskin and large bags, so I recommend jumbo or large in a colour of your choosing.


Oct 6, 2006
If you would like a bag that will go from day to evening, you should consider a M/L flap. The jumbo is more of a day bag and is probably too big for evening. Here are some of my suggestions for bags you might like:

The first one is not currently available in stores anymore but has always been one of my favorites (caviar with bijoux chain) - this website actually has one in stock. Some might argue that the bijoux chain is a little dressy for day but I LOVE this style!!! I think the caviar leather is a tad bit more casual than the it's less maintenance! There is also the classic M/L with classic chain that you can consider if you don't like the bijoux chain.

The second one is the black matte reissue with gold hardware. GORGEOUS bag...comes in different sizes (a 226 might be what you're looking for - it is a little larger than a M/L but not quite jumbo size) and different hardware options (this pic was taken from a bonanzle member izzy82).



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Dec 3, 2006
welcome to the world of chanel!
i too am new to the world of chanel and in fact i recently bought a "new" vintage chanel!

its a lamb classic flap... i'm not too familiar witht he numbers and sizes but i think it's a medium 10x6x3 or something like that!

with your height it will be a good size! i just recently posted a debut picture of me wearing it and i'll link it up to give you an idea.

i'm 5'8" and i think this purse size is perfect for me!

purse on me