Need your help finding a piece: adjustable diamond necklace (pic inside)

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  1. I figured the brain trust of this forum would help me identify a piece that I'm looking for. The piece is a simple solitaire diamond necklace but the unique thing about it is that it has this button that allows you to adjust the length of the necklace in the back. This necklace belongs to a friend of mine and it was purchased it at a jewelry store a few years ago. I don't believe the jewelry store carries it anymore. Any ideas where I could find a similar necklace?

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  2. I have no idea but I'll keep an eye out for you; I've always liked the idea of the adjustable necklace :smile:
  3. Thanks so much. I want to buy a simple diamond necklace and love the idea of being able to determine where you want the diamond to sit based on the neckline you're wearing/the mood you're in.
  4. Hearts on Fire has pendants on adjustable chains.
  5. Here's another option for adjustable lengths but it doesn't slide though and this is an easier style to find:!i=1872738992&k=SKZQjFM

    There's also a YG and platinum version of the same necklace if you end up liking these at all:
  6. QVC has some....,-14K-Gold,-3.7g-Search-Results.product.J304329.html?sc=J304329-SRCH&cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-4-_-J304329&catentryImage=$uslarge$
  7. I don't think my link worked. Just go to and check 14k adjustable necklaces...