Need your help FAST: Magenta First or City


05 First now or wait for 07 LE Magenta

  1. 05 First now

  2. Wait for 07 LE City

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  1. I have about 30 seconds to make a decision:

    05 Magenta First
    07 Magenta City

    You all know I have been jonesing for a First, it's the one piece missing from my collection.

    Currently I have 3 work bags:

    and 2 cities

    and a Bleut oval clutch.

    Should I grab the First or wait for the City?!?!?!? :nuts:
  2. You are such a lucky woman :supacool::love:
  3. First NOW!!!!
  4. even if the First is more expensive than the City???
  5. YES! Get the First!!!! You won't regret it. The leather will be different from the new ones and the colour is SO intense that it looks amazing on the First!
    (Not to say at ALL that the new Magenta Cities won't look awesome! But given the choice, I'd do the '05)
    Edit- if it's priced higher than the City, it's overpriced, IMO...can you bargain it down a bit?
  6. i might be too late, but i say
  7. I would say first, but that might change depending on the price difference between the two. Is the first marked up or is the city on sale?
  8. First... you can add it to your collection~!
  9. Yeah go for the first, the city will still be amazing too!!! Have both!

  10. TOTALLY agree with 'P' stylefly :yes::tup: !! I also voted for the FIRST now :yahoo::drool::heart: go for it hmwe46 - good luck :flowers::love:
  11. FIRST NOW, City later? =)
  12. :tup:Oh.. I hope you went for it... I agree with those that said 'First now= city later"! that 05 is soooo great..

    I just got a magenta purse and paid a "pretty penny" for it - but imo it was totally WORTH IT!!!

    WHAT DID YOU DO?????
  13. Most of your collection seems to be larger bbags - so I'd say get the city unless you want to get your first first.:p Let us know what you decided.
  14. I went to the gym :shame:

    There is no way I can afford both, and I can really only pay for the First if BalNY refunds my LE Magenta $1200.

    I am soo bad at making difficult decisions. :push:
  15. oh it's okay! I said to just wait for the city anyway since you've already paid for it.