Need your help...decisions, decisions, decisions!

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  1. So I've been saving up for a damier speedy but recently I've been having second thoughts because I already own an epi speedy 25 in mandarin and mono speedy 30. Would a 3rd speedy be overkill? I've been looking at some pics in the forum and im starting to really like vernis rosewood and damier trevli. What to do?!
  2. Get the Damier Trevi, I think its an awesome bag! :drool:
  3. I think you should change it up a bit and get the Cabby!!! It's a HOTTTT bag!
  4. cabby is hot! in the blue denim i think... or an amarante sumit<<thats sexy
  5. Another speedy is definitely not overkill, and if you like speedys ... then the damier would be perfect "go anywhere/rain/snow bag". It's what I use when it rains!
  6. Sounds like you are ready to branch out, either the damier or vernis sound nice. I say go for vernis it is so lovely.
  7. I think the damier trevi and the vernis rosewood sounds perfect! I would choose the rosewood but if you want a more practical all around bag go for the trevi!
  8. The Rosewood is a beautiful bag. My sis has it in Pomme.
  9. i like the vernis rosewood
  10. I'd get the trevi, it's gorgeous and so versatile! Def something I want to buy when I have the money for it :smile:

    On the other hand, if you really do want a Damier speedy, it's a great bag~ If I had the cash, I'd have a small collection of speedies myself.
  11. Go for the vernis rosewood
  12. Thanks for all of the responses!

    Do you guys know how much stuff the Rosewood would hold?
  13. hey if you like the speedy, get the speedy in denim!!! I dont think you can have enough speedies! If you dont like denim, then I definitely say get a vernis! THEYRE SOOO BEAUTIFUL! though im not a big fan of the rosewood. I like the bedford alot in pomme!

    AS PER YOUR QUESTION, It seems like a rather roomy bag, but not compared to a speedy.

  14. I personally am not into buying the same bag in different colors! Spend your $ on a bag that looks really different!
  15. I vote for vernis too! It will make such a pretty addition to your collection! Good luck with your choice!