Need your help deciding!

  1. Hi everyone:confused1:

    I accidentally (I should stay away from eBay when I have had a couple of glasses of red wine...) bought a new BBag - a brown work (not sure of exact colour). I just received it and it is beautiful. I am 99% sure it is authentic (I am new to this).

    The thing is - I only just received my very first BBag (black city) from Aloharag a week ago. I absolutely love it....but I can't really afford the new one I have bought. I really should sell it...what do you think? I loved it as soon as I pulled it out of the box, so I have put it back in there for now while I decide (so it won't tempt me with its smooshy brown leather). I told myself I wouldn't buy myself another till I could afford it - but it seemed like such a bargain after a few glasses of wine! ($900USD) Aggghh!
    outside.jpg inside.jpg bags together.jpg leather.jpg
  2. Your new Work is gorgeous and it looks authentic to me. You got a great deal for $900 considering they go for much more!! I think you should keep it unless you really need to sell it.
    Btw, is your black City from 2007? I love it! :love:

    Welcome to tPF!
  3. Yes, it is an 07 black city:smile:

    I keep getting an urge to go and look at the new bag. I am trying to restrain myself cause I don't want to fall in love just yet!
  4. :nuts:

    I LOVE it!! What a GORGEOUS Work!!! Oooh.. Please keep it!! :yes:
  5. The work is beautiful!! If you can keep her, I would! The great thing about the black city is Balenciaga always have that colour made, so you could always get it again...the only thing is the leather might not be the same.....whatever you decide, they are both great bags!
  6. Keep it, you have two totally different know you want too...

    and do stay off eBay...Your in trouble when your there with a glass of vino...LOL, you should see what's happened to some of the LV girls after a few and their ready to shop!
  7. They are both very beautiful!!! I don't know what to do!!??? .....If you really can't afford both then sell one- probably the black. You can always buy another black bag later!!
  8. haha too funny

    I have been know to do that as well!

    The next day when you check your account..............
    Ought oh!
  9. It is absolutely scrumptious! Is there anythig else you own that you can sell on ebay to help pay for the bag? Old clothes, coats, jewelry, watches, bags, shoes - anything?
  10. Keep both !

  11. lol! I agree. both are TDF. I would search the house for things to sell:yes:
  12. it looks great :drool:
  13. Both bags are BEAUTIFUL! If I had to keep one, I'd keep the Work... You'll always be able to find a Black City no matter what time of the year.
  14. Oh gotta keep both!!!!!!! Sell something else!!!!!!
  15. Ok...I think I have decided to keep both my Work and City. I will do a big closet clean out, and try to make a few hundred selling unwanted items.

    I will also be on a purse ban until November.....The bf an dI are going to Hawaii for a short holiday. He hates shopping so I haven't mentioned the fact that Aloharag is there, and that I plan to visit and buy a Bbag or two:rolleyes: So until then I will pay off my big spend, ban myself from Ebay (except to sell), and only buy essential items.