Need your help choosing a pair of pumps, I´m a newbie!

  1. I never wear high heels, except for special occasions, but I want to start, obviously I need practice walking!
    I´ve been wanting to invest in a beautiful pair of pumps forever!
    Can you help with which brands I should consider ?
    I would like a pair of classic pumps, ideally black patent, sexy, with a slightly pointy toe and as comfortable as possible !

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    As you search for a classic model you will surely find one that matches your description from every designer. But when it comes to comfort, from my personal experience Dior makes pretty comfortable shoes.

    Mine are these (got them in nude and red as well) and I absolutely love them:
    dior s black.JPG all serp.png
  3. I have a few pairs of Christian Louboutins that I adore, but I will say in terms of comfort right out of the box- my Giuseppe Zanotti shoes win. Even though they are patent, they feel like butter on my feet.

    I attached a pic of mine.

    Mmmm these are yum:
  4. Thanks for your help! Your shoes are gorgeous!!!
    I´ll be looking for something more conservative for my first, to wear at the office.
    You´re saying I´ll find some from every designer, but for someone like me I only know few designers by name, and haven´t had the opportunity to try anything on, since I´ll need to travel to Paris in order to find these babies, and it would help me to narrow down to a few brands.
    Writing down Dior. Thanks!
    I know, I absolutely love the look of CL but after reading a few threads here I´m afraid they´ll be too uncomfortable for me.
    Love these! Zanotti, noted.
  5. I think that the louboutin black patent décolleté would be a good choice for you - it's the perfect day to night shoe!
  6. AsLeeLee1098 already said, Zanotti's are great as well. I only have his boots but they are really SO comfy, I love them and could wear them all day long. Also I love his designs and the leather is gorgeous.

    Christian Louboutin has great designs especially a lot of basics in all kind of materials (patent of course as well), I am sure you would find a classic CL pump you love, but from my experience his designs really are not the most comfortable, especially not for a whole day at the office (I can only speak for myself of course). But I have to say his boots work great for me. As you're going to Paris you can visit his first boutique where it all started, I believe it's worth a visit.

    In Paris, you HAVE to go to Galleries LaFayette!! This is Paris' Harrods. It's absolutely a must. You have ALL designers there and I believe a whole huuuuge floor only full of designer shoes. This way you can find out best which brand works best for you, design and comfort.

    Wish you a great trip!!
  7. If I had to pick one shoe that is super comfy and super appropriate for the office - I'd go with my Louboutin Simples.

    They're classic, and I can wear them from 8am-5pm without any pain
  8. Hi,
    I am also looking for a pair of comfortable and stylish pumps.
    Any advice?
  9. I agree. This is the style I was going to suggest as well.
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    Ladies... the OP asked for point toe ...

    My top choice - Manolo Blahnik BB:
    The most comfortable, stylish, and forever classic design by the King of shoes :yes:
    I own 4 pairs of all the shoes that I have... that says something about this style!
    Also seen on Victoria Beckham at the Olympic Closing Ceremony



    2nd - Jimmy Choo Abel
    Similar to Manolo's, but smaller toebox

    Jimmy Choo Abel Patent-leather Pointed Pumps Black-500x500.jpg

    3rd - Christian Louboutin Decollété
    Almond toe, but the most comfortable imo of Louboutins.
    I did not put down Pigalle 100, because I don't think they're comfy at all. The toebox is crushingly tight and I don't have wide feet either!

    Christian Louboutin Decollete 100mm patent black.jpg
  11. PRADA makes beautiful pumps in classical style and their quality is usually very good.
  12. Prada patent pumps
  13. for a cheaper option, i would recommend cole haan's air juliana 75 in black patent. The heel is on the lower side (just under 3"), but the shoe is super comfy.