Need your help:Black Legacy Wristlet or Small Red Hamptons Pebbled Hobo??


Red Small Hamptons Hobo or Black Legacy Wristlet?



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  1. Ladies, I need your help:

    Should I get the Black Legacy Wristlet or the Small Red Hamptons Pebbled Hobo??:love:

    I know that they are two completely different styles but I love both equally and it is more of a treat than a necessary bag :yes:

    So which one would you buy tonight?

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  2. i like the hobo, more use for it, even thou i love the wristlet JMO
  3. Hm, depends on which you'd rather have - a new bag or a new wristlet. I love the color of the hobo - it's such a vibrant color and it just pops, so it sure would be a fun piece to carry. But, I'm SO partial to the legacy leather, so I'd probably go with the wristlet.

    Not much help, was I? :shrugs:

    Either way, enjoy your purchase, they are both gorgeous! Let us know what you decide. :yes:

    Edit... from looking at your avatar picture, I'd say that red hobo is definitely you. It would look fantastic and adorable on you, so go with the hobo. It's just a fun piece and a gorgeous color! I voted hobo. =)
  4. Oh man, I can't even vote since I just don't know! They're both great. I'm leaning towards the wristlet just because I love the Legacy leather. Also, I'm not that in love with the hobo, since it's a coral red rather than red-red. I was disappointed when i saw the carryalls in the store since in the catalogue, they're listed as red and looked quite red. Have you seen the hobo in person? It's very much a pink colour (to my eye, anyway).
  5. I'd go for the red!!
  6. The red, girlfriend!

    you will wear it well !
  7. Wow, love that red bag. If I could only get one I would choose the red bag.
  8. marie
    i'm leaning toward the fact i'm wanting a little something legacy myself......just love the stripe lining!!! you can't go wrong with such a classic!!! the lining is such a speclal touch...anyway just my thoughts
    good luck
  9. Since its a treat, I say go for the red hobo. You can always get a black wrislet at anytime.
  10. Thank you for all your thoughtful input, ladies!:flowers: I really appreciate it.

    I just went to the store and saw what Sialia meant-the red hobo is a lot more pink than it seems in the picture- a little too pink I found so I ordered the Black Legacy Wristlet from the store and it will be delivered to my house on Friday!!:yes:

    I especially liked that one can actually really use it as a wallet/little bag in your bag AND little evening bag/clutch.
    I also really love the legacy style and leather and love my whiskey shoulder bag dearly so I am sure I will love my first Coach wristlet- I am sooo excited!!:yahoo:

    I will post pics on Friday! Thanks again, ladies!:yes:
  11. i say wristlet...only because the bag is wayyyy too small for me.
  12. Yay, congrats! And what a great wristlet to have as your first.
  13. i like the hobo you can put more in it
  14. In this case, I say bigger is better. I love both but would go with the hobo.
  15. I voted for the black legacy wristlet. I guess I'm biased though since I love the Legacy line.