Need your help - bag stain!!

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  1. I was wearing my RL blue blazer with my Gucci hobo. Anyways, the blazer stained the bag and now I need to find a way to get the stain out. Any ideas? I've tried baby wipes but you can still see a blue tint...:sick:
  2. Ooh, careful..don't smear it! Is it a fabric bag? Unfortunately I asked a boutique recently & they tell me to clean the bag they send it out & it usually takes a LONG time (like a month or so) & is a/b $100.
  3. I won't advise you to do this because it's probably safer to have it professionally cleaned.

    When this happened to me, I saturated the fabric with water in a paper towel. It actually worked and the stain is gone.

    But be careful and it worked for me and maybe the stains are different.

    I hope you get it out.
  4. I'd just take it to a good shoe / leather repair shop - even if it canvas. I've stained a Marc Jacobs bag and a vintage canvas (me and my pen marks) and my local shoe shop has gotten them both out - either by dyeing it or doing a thorough cleaning.

  5. I would try to get it professionally cleaned also... I get so worried about this- and sometimes trying to clean it yourself may stain it worse.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  6. Thanks for your advice ladies! I'll see if I can take it to a boutique.
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