Need your help ASAP please!

  1. Hi Ladies,
    My SIL purchased a LV back in March of 2007. The Elipse Moyen. In November she discovered that the red lining by the zipper was gone. She knows she didn't have anything to do with it. So she returns it to the LV store here in Scottsdale AZ and they did not want to fix it because they said she did it. After a while they agreed to fix it at no charge. They told her it would be ready within 4-6 weeks. She's been calling for the last 2 weeks and has gotten no respond. She called today and was told that the bag is not fixed yet because the parts are not in. My SIL is fed up already and asked for her money back, which they are also denying. What can she do? They won't even give her another bag. Any advice?
  2. wow maybe try 866 or asking for store manager?
  3. She has already done both. And nothing has been done. Is it normal for it to take so long?
  4. Yes, it can take up to 10-12 weeks for a repair to be completed
  5. I just had a repair done on my mini papillon that came with the Soufflot, just a very small area on the strap and it took 2 full months! I have had other items repaired in the past and it was 4-6 weeks, I guess it can vary, depending on the type of repair too. It seems to me that if she had nothing to do with the lining, it would be eveident that it was made this way and if it was made this way, LV should do an exchange with a new bag. It is a shame she did not notice this sooner though. To notice this months and months after using the bag is unusual. If she had noticed it right away, there is no doubt in my mind that LV would have exchanged it for a new one. This is probably why they are offering to repair it only. Has she allowed anyone to borrow the bag since she purchased it?
  6. Also their were holidays in November and Dec so I would expect repairs to take longer that time of year
  7. Yeah that is what she was told too about the holidays. And this is her first and only LV bag, I'm pretty sure she bought it without checking it out first. I'm just asking in this forum for her since I also know nothing about LV since I don't own a bag. Thanks!
  8. I brought a bag in for repair Dec 8th and they told me 8-10 weeks (they said repairs take much longer during the holiday season because the volume is much heavier).. I called this week to check and see if it was in or if the time frame might be less (wishful thinking) and they said it was not in and that it would take the full 8-10 weeks they stated... and they said they would call me if the factory calls and says it will take longer.. hope this helps her feel better that it is taking so long.
  9. Both LV and Chanel can take over 2 months for small repairs. But when I've gotten my items back they've been stellar. I've just dropped items off for both again and I'm not expecting to see them back until March. But they better be perfect.