Need your help again........SGH Olive PT or SGH Olive Day?


Which should I get?

  1. Silver GH Day

  2. Silver GH Part-time

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  1. SGH and Olive..........I've loved this combo since I first saw blessings and oogiewoogie's bags posted on tPF. I tried the Sienna with SGH but it just didn't wow me like this color/hw combo does. So, I've decided to go for it but I don't know which bag to get. What do you think?

    Day or Part-Time? Thanks for your help!:heart:

    Here's a pic of oogiewoogie's Day and blessing's PT to refresh your memory.


  2. both are beautiful. It might be fun to get a day bag - do you have any? I like the day with SGH!
  3. hehehe... "T" Cracker so you finally found one? I think you know which one I will vote for :p;)!!!
  4. Wow that part time is really awesome
  5. I like GSH but in moderation, I vote for the Day!!
  6. Hi Cracker! Even though the GH didn't work out for me, I still love to look at them on other people and I think the PT is gorgeous! Post modeling pics of whichever you decide! ;)
  7. My vote goes to the part-time. I absolutely love this style and find it easier to carry/find things in than the day. But, both are beautiful. Good Luck!
  8. IMO, as far as looks, I would say PT, but the day is much lighter so I would pick that one.
  9. Girlie i saw the SGH Day in person and it is gorgeous.:drool: You already have a PT in Steel, i say it is time to give the Day a try.:graucho::heart:

  10. I agree with you nanaz but SGH olive PT is just TDF :drool::drool:
    Good luck with your decision :smile:
  11. They are both gorgeous but IMHO the part-time is my favourite!!
  12. SGH DAY!!!!!
  13. Oh Cracker.... the decisions we have to make... I know how u feel.. :shrugs: I agree with NaNaz.. since you just purchased the PT in Steel, do you have a day yet? It could be your pick up and go GH bag. ;) Keep us posted.. g:huh:d luck~! (I love your collection btw...:wlae:)
  14. well i am going thru a bit of a falling out of :heart: faze with the gh & i have infact returned both my plomb & violet sgh cities :confused1: :wacko: but still when i look at oogie's olive sgh day i feel instant :love: i think the day style has just the right amount of gh - def. go with the day!
  15. I had the Day as my first balenciaga bag, but now I have work and part time because the Day is a little too deep for me... It is hard to find things...i think..

    Good Luck on your decision... Both look gorgeous~!!