Need your help again! Botkier or Kooba??


Which is best?

  1. Botkier Sasha Hobo

  2. Kooba Marcelle

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  1. Ok girls I need your help again.

    I cant decide which to go for. The Kooba Marcelle in Desert or the Pudding Botkier sasha hobo?

    I have kooba bags and a Botkier already and I find the quality of both to be excellent. Plus I love the desert leather on the Kooba as it is thick and chewy. The botkier looks to be similar leather. I just cant decide which to go for.

    Help please!!:p
    hobo2.JPG BGV7195_an.jpg
  2. Botkier Pudding Sasha Hobo! I'm biased though...I've never seen the Kooba Marcelle!
  3. can you post pictures?
  4. LOL..I posted pics a little late coz I couldnt find a Marcelle, but they are up now. :yes:
  5. The Botkier leather on that hobo is really smooshy and pettable (if that's a word) because it's lambskin. The Kooba leather is not quite as soft and smooshy. I'd go for the Botkier!
  6. I like the Botkier. Although, you can never go wrong with any of the older Kooba styles.
  7. Botkier, Botkier, Botkier....:yes:
  8. kooba, definitely!
  9. I've seen the Botkier IRL and like the way it fits under arm. I don't think I've seen this Kooba. From the pics, I'd take the Botkier.
  10. I have never see either one of them IRL. Just look at the pictures, I like Kooba's style.
  11. i like this one :

    the leather is soooo yummy and the design is simple
  12. I voted Botkier because the Marcelle is too trendy for my taste.
  13. I just picked up a desert Marcelle off eBay today, so will let you know what she's like when she arrives. Mind you, I love the Botkier as well.

    One of each will solve your dilemma :rolleyes:
  14. Botkier, hands down! But I am a little biased since I have several bots and zero Koobas - most Botkier leather is just so deliciously smooshy!
  15. I like the Kooba much better.