Need your feedback on the Prada Saffiano City Calfskin Small Esplanade Tote, please!

accio sacculus

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Jan 4, 2008
The Wet Coast
This will be my first Prada purchase in my 20-year bag addiction. I've had a couple of Prada Nylon hand-me-downs, but I've never purchased a Prada for myself. The Prada Small Esplanade recently caught my eye and I wanted to get your feedback - especially if you already own one - Small, Medium or Large :flowers:

I have my eye on one in Nube (cloud grey). Will I have issues with colour transfer? How do Prada bags hold up in terms of threads popping at the corners and handles? I'd love your feedback on the pros and cons! Thanks in advance! :love: esplanade.jpg
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