Need your feedback/experience on this Prada Wallet!


Nov 23, 2008
Hi all! Does anyone have this wallet with the gold hardware? I really want this wallet but am very worried how the gold hardware (especially the zipper) will hold up with careful use. I read some posts a few months back about Prada gold hardware fading. I really don't want to spend all this money on a wallet to have the gold hardware discoloring after just a few years.

The wallet I want to buy is attached the one with the gold hardware (see 1st picture attached).

I want to mention that I have a Prada black saffiano leather zip-around wallet that is almost 10 years old. I've used it off and on during the 10 years and it is my FAVORITE wallet! It has held up so well and still looks fairly good after all this time. I attached pictures (borrowed from Ebay) of the wallet I currently have (see 2nd and 3rd pictures attached below).

I've been itching for a new wallet and wanted one in the exact same style (yes, I'm crazy). I bought two Prada bags from the Saks sale (a black leather gauffre and a black leather tote) and both have gold hardware. That's why I wanted one with the gold hardware.

However, I'm really worried that the gold hardware won't hold up so really wanted you all's opinion.



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