need your favour

  1. Hi gals,

    Sometime ago (probably 2-3 months) there was a thread posted by some lady who just moved into her new gorgeous house.

    I vaguely remember that both herself and her husband were in the jewellery business and she posted loads of photos of her lovely house (think it was in California). Unfortunately then I didnt have time to look at the photos and now (I know its been ages) I remembered but cannot locate the thread!

    Please can somebody send me a link to that thread?
    I've just spend an hour using the Search engine ;-(
  2. the author was chaq, do a search of the threads she's started:yes:
  3. Thanks Swanky! I even started looking just to see the house!xx
  4. It was fantastic and definitely worth the search!
  5. :amuse: tis me lol you were just looking to see the photos??
  6. Oh yes, I remember when these stunning house photos were posted...absolute paradise!
  7. Wow! Just looked at the thread of the house! All I can say is "Wow! (drool) Wow! (drool)"
  8. I too just looked at those threads and wow your home is beautiful!