Need your EXPERTISE on the GH leather!

  1. As some of you know, I just got my Vert Gazon GH City a few days ago. I've been trying to compare the leather with those who have the same color as mine and as I'm comparing them, it seems that mine appears to be more veiny or have more cracks on the leather than others, some appears to be smooth :wtf:. No one sells Bbag where I live so I can't compare it in person :confused1:. However, when I had the FIRST in VG, the leather was very smooth compared to the GH, but I'm thinking maybe because of the difference in style is why they are different. Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my GH City, but just want to make sure that the leather on mine is the way that it should be. :sad:Can you assure me or should I exchange it with another one? :shrugs:


    Here's a pic comparing with the RH First, noticed the difference on the leather between the two?

  2. Hmmm, its veiny! The leather varies even in the same styles. If you are not satisfied with, change it:smile:
  3. This season has a lot of variation in the same color, but for different styles and even hardware. It seems pretty prominent in vert gazon. I got a GH Work in Sandstone, after seeing luscious Cities and other bags, that looked crackly and yucky. There are tons of beautiful VG bags out there, so I would exchange it and be really happy!
  4. They vary in leather so much. I agree if you don't like it, exchange it. I personally love the leather on your giant!!! I love the wrinkly distressed look that most people call too veiny. To me it looks great with distessed leather with the classy gold giant hardware against it, love it!
  5. Here is my VG Giant hobo, she isnt veiny at all but she is a little shiney....


  6. I think it just depends what you are looking for, whether you like the veins or not. If not you can try and find an non veiny one, I think i was just lucky as I boght this without seeing it too.
  7. I saw a vert gazon city without distressing and a vert gazon day at Neiman's and I have to say I preferred the one with a some distressing. Every bag is a bit different which makes it so hard to find just the right bag if you are ordering sight unseen.
  8.'s such a personal preference issue that you will not find anything but dissentng opinions here! Personally, I think the VG looks amazing with the veins, but there are other bags where I think the veins really detract from the colour and overall look. But again, my personal taste. You should look at your own tastes and figure out whether you like the actual look but are worried it's not what you're used to, or if you actively dislike it...
  9. If you don't love the leather exchange it, I am sure you can find one with less vein, if thats what you prefer of course.
    good luck
  10. I love the veiny leather on yours. It is gorgeous. I have a vert gazon RH city coming, and I can only pray it looks as good as yours.
  11. daffy, I, too, love the look of the leather on your VG with GH. But, as everyone here's already said it's whatever your personal preference is that should dictate whether or not to keep the bag. If YOU aren't pleased with it don't keep it. Get on with the kind of leather texture that you prefer...
  12. the leather looks very different, but I actually like both :heart:
  13. Thanks for sharing me your opinions! :yes: Not seeing Bbags before, I didn't really know how their leather should look or feel like. I got curious when I saw some of you with the same color and your VG look so smooth, just like "pinkchristie22". I didn't know that the leather varies from one style to another. :shrugs: Since this is my first Bbbag, would any of you know if the distressed look will make the leather peel off in time?:confused1: My leather is shiny, and the distressed look does have the cracking on the leather. Should I be concerned?:sad: Please let me know your thoughts.
  14. I prefer the smoother leather in Verte Gazon. Although I like some veining but not so much that's an overall pattern and blatantly obvious. I think with the GH the leather looks better smoother, with regular hardware I like more distressing. But everyone likes different looks in bbags. You should keep it if you love it, if you want smoother, exchange it and be very specific and send them pictures of the look of the bag that you want.
    I always send them pictures of what I want and what I do NOT want. That helps them choose.