NEED your EXPERT ADVICE, Buy MC Speedy or Noe

  1. I am getting ready to make a major MC purchase (at least major for me) and I have gotten it down to either a black MC sppedy or a Black MC Petite Noe. I so respect the wisdom and expertise of everyone on TPF!! If anyone has both pieces (in white or black) can you post a pic of them side by side. I am not use to large bags and both of the styles are considered large (to me) so this will be a new experience for me. I carry both handheld and shoulder bags, like both styles! I am 5'4" and weight approx 110lbs. Thanks in advance for your feedback and help
  2. I love MC Speedy :smile:
  3. That is tough, they both are pretty. I just got a MC white Noe becasue I am not very tall, so speedy seems a little big to me. I would say " go with your first choice"
  4. I vote for the Speedy!
  5. i'm going to give you a really biased answer. mc speedy! i have one in white and i ADORE it. however the noe is really cute too.

    my best advice would be to go and try them on at the boutique. i think only then you'll know which one is calling you more.
  6. Speedy :yes:
  7. you should always try a bag on...and I make sure everything I carry on a daily basis fits. Two bags can be the same "size" but due to shape one ma work better than the other.
    I vote for teh speedy.
  8. petite noe :love:.
  9. Speedy.
  10. Speedy!!!!!
  11. Try them both on in the store, one on each side. When I made my first MC purchase I tried all of the bags on, kept going back and forth to the store until I was ready. The Speedy was never an option for me just because it was soooo big and heavy (I am 5 feet tall) but I do love that bag. I considered the Noe but when I tried that one on it looked HORRIBLE! It looks best on someone tall IMHO. Go in there with an open mind and buy the bag that looks the best. BTW, I ended up with an Audra.

    Good luck!!!
  12. Petit Noe.. I think the Speedy is a bit busy with all that vachette stuff and the hardware. The MC is bright and bold enough without extras, and the Noe shape is so cute and perfect for that line.
  13. ooo, tough choice! I think I'd choose a MC noe, in black, simply because less people have it, and it's also a shoulder bag :smile: The speedy is gorgeous too, but there's a fair bit of hardware to worry about getting scratched, and it also gets heavy on your arm if you put too much things in it.. I still love the Speedy, but out of both I'd get Noe ;)
  14. Get the MC speedy!! I love the black one more than the white!!

  15. Another for SPEEDY!!!!