Need your Chanel expertise!

  1. Hi, I am very new to CHANEL, though I own LV, Balenciaga, Chloe, etc. :p
    I am trepidly venturing onto Chanel-land! And saving up for my first chanel bag, hopefully to be purchased in 07-- post price hike :crybaby: , but I'm sure will be very well-worth it in the end!

    I have looked through the reference section at least a couple of times over under classic flaps/reissues, but still have a few questions remaining:yes: , if you don't mind me asking.

    Are flaps and double flaps the same, or are double flaps found only on certain classic chanel bags, such as reissues?

    Also, I have read that the caviar leather is scratch resistant as opposed to the lambskin leather, but is it also a bit stain-resistant??? When did this caviar leather first debut? Were lambskins the original leather for these classic chanel flaps? I guess I am trying to assess the pros and cons of caviar vs. lambskin!

    One more question on reissues...what kind of leather is it? I noticed they had leather that was a bit wrinkled...are reissues models of past styles "reissued'?

    Thanks in advance for any help on the above~ ! :love:
  2. Well well you sure are doing your research. I'm sure one of the more experienced ladies can help you! But good luck, sorry that I could help. You can't go wrong with a classic flap or reissue.
  3. Good questions, mintpearl!
    2007 is also the year I'm gonna buy my first Chanel bag, I can't wait :yahoo:
  4. anyone willing to share some info w/newbie Chanel-lovers like myself?
  5. Caviar leather is definitely more stain resistant than lambskin. The color transfer from my jeans to my lambskin bags happen so often but it has not yet happened for my caviar bags. and i also find it easier to clean the stains off the caviar leather bags as compared to the lambskin bags. :yes:
  6. The leather for reissues are kind of distressed. It certainly is more stain resistant than lambskin but i cant say the same for the white reissues. Still, I would like to think that the caviar leather is the most stain resistant of them all. :p
  7. Double flaps can be found on the classic style medium sized bags and reissues. Single flaps are found in the small flap bags, east-west flap bags, python flap bags and jumbo flap bags. Do correct me if im wrong! :shame:
  8. more manageable than lambskin...but lambskin simply give u the chic/classy look. I've got my black/silver 2.55 comes(med/large) in double flap....
    jumbo/some smaller size comes in single flaps. That's all i can furnish...

    Maybe u can consider patent leather??
  9. happie_berrie and dleesy-- thank you so much for ur answers! :flowers: That is very helpful info for me! I didn't realize that medium classics had double flaps as opposed to the jumbos and smaller flaps...
    it's good to know the caviar bags are more stain resistant...but on the other hand, the lambskins are so beautiful....