Need your you like this one??

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  1. i think its very 'personal'. what is right for one person is not always the same for the next. if you love it -then that is all that matters. imo-- you really have to love the bag(s)!

    for the bag- very 'boxy' looking... but i like that it has a shoulder strap.
  2. It looks cheap, and it's nylon. Better off to go to the dollar store. Stay away & save your money!
  3. Do you mean that its fake...or that you dont like the nylon Prada???:shrugs:
  4. I agree! It looks cheap even if it's not fake...
    I think most of the nylon designs of Prada looks kinda cheap...
  5. Yeah, I don't like it! :sad: Looks too much like a gym bag! Sorry!
  6. Because it is so boxy, you might end up thinking you are carrying a lunchbox all day long. I just personally like handbags that I can wear closer to my body. Seems like that one would stick out and you would be "dealing" with it all the time.
  7. That is does look really boxy......

    Thanks ladies for your honest opinions....:smile:
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