Need your advice!!


May 8, 2014
Dear tpfers!! Today my super sweet sa just offers me 2 choices of my next (&first) birkin!!
1. B30 trench togo ghw
2. B25 rose azalee swift phw
I must say I love both but as you know, only one can come home with me. Trench with ghw is so classy and can be an everyday bag but Rose azalee in size 25 is just soooooooo cute!! Tough choice for me.
I normally wear black, navy, beige, gray, white with some pastel pink and blue. So I think I can pull off both colors. My only hesitation is that B25 might be a bit too small for my frame? (I'm 170 cm and 52 kg) And you cant wear it in the crook of your arm just hand held and wear it on your wrist.
My collection consists of
K32 Gris m togo phw
C18 Gris m epsom ghw
Mini halzan trench phw
Picotin 18 etain
Picotin 18 bamboo
Picotin 22 rose sakura
L30 blue nuit ghw
L30 rose sakura phw
Evelyne pm etoupe
Bolide 31 clemence black
Bolide 27 epsom BE
GP 36 canvas beige/white

Which one should I choose? Please advice me. TIA

miss argile

Dec 13, 2016
We are same in height and weight!! I would probably choose B25 RA as it will add a new (and oh so gorgeous) color to your collection.
I do feel trench/gm is a bit similiar in color palette and you have 3 already.

Also, it's a nice spring/summer color, so it will look sweet in dresses/shorts/jeans.

I do feel B25 looks a bit awkward porportionally on our frames when in heavy winter coat + heels. But with your great line up of bags, you have other options in winter. So, go for B25 RA!
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Oct 15, 2008
I would choose rose azalee B25! You are tall but slender so I don't think it will look too small on you and you should be able to wear it on your arm (although not as comfortably as B30) as well
as hand carry it. But u can't go wrong choosing trench birkin 30 if u want a neutral colored birkin for your first one. I just love the rose azalee color [emoji178] and size 25 is so cute so if it were me I would get that one first and get a neutral colored birkin 30 later as I think the rose azalee would be harder to come by
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Dec 15, 2016
B30 in trench! Very nice size! And the color is just beautiful. Can't go wrong with that color. From what I noticed on your list you dontnhave light leather
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Jan 18, 2011
i am made up of a similar height with you (oh well not your weight!!). i recently got my b25 (a rose azalee swift!) and carry it all the time. i use it batwing and the size appears almost the same as b30 just not the depth and handles. swift leather adds width to the perception where as togo is more rigid and limited.
so apart from what 25 and 30 can carry, perception wise i don't see much difference.
i am biased on colour since my RA surprised me by proving that this neon pink is in fact very easy to carry and appealing. oh and i love the plush of swift......
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Apr 10, 2012
sunshine island
B25 azalea definitely a winner
It maybe your first b
Someday you will need want think lust a b25
This is a fabulous choice
You can wait an another color in b30 as next target
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Mar 26, 2016
Trench b30 fits better to the lifestyle. RA is dream color, but b25 is too small for everyday uses. Would definitely choose RA if it's a 30 or 35 :smile:
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Sep 19, 2008
B30 in trench and ghw is classic and gorgeous. I am a big fan of the B25 but get the classic one first and then a cute 25 later. Unless you are a big big fan of pinks then go with the RA.
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Dec 1, 2015
RA! But I noticed multiple bags in the same color in your collection. If that's the goal, then Trench. Goodluck!
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