Need your advice...

  1. hello everyone ,hope christmas has gone well for everyone?Can you help me please as you may know i bought a sac en vie on the 23rd but my dh hates it says its to boxy and looks like a vanity case!!!! i am taking his very good advice and after my beautiful pressie am going to take it back and change it for something else ... what is the opinion of a large blk trim ? i would love anyones opinions as it would be nice to have a shoulder bag ... ps will post pics of the sac en vie whemn brother calls have the ups port thingy ready now...
  2. I think the trim is well loved as a shoulder bag. I no longer use them myself, but if I did, I would definitely want one! Sorry about the sac bag going back!
  3. I'm not a fan myself of the sac.... and i'm sure ull exchange it with something that ull wear much often!

    goodluck and keep us posted
  4. I love the Trim! I think it would be a great choice. :yes:
  5. I love the Trim too!:love: I have a black togo and toile/berenia.
  6. Trim is very classic and chic. The hardware gives it that extra ooompf! I like both the Trim and Bolide for shoulder strap options.
  7. birkin girl, the Trim is a very popular and loved Hermes'll find many advocates of it here.

    If you like shoulder bags and do not mind reaching sometimes deep inside your bag to locate your things, I feel you would love this style.
  8. I adore my Trim! I have a 31cm but would probably choose a 35cm next time. Get one!!
  9. Agree with all! The Trim is excellent for a shoulderbag! But if you want a handbag the other options might be a Bolide or Plume?
  10. I am a huge fan of the Trim. I'd go for a 35cm Trim II (has the pockets on the inside) in a softer leather like Clemence or Togo. I adore my 35cm Rouge H Trim--looks even better when you add a cadena on the clip. It's a very practical bag and molds beautifully against the body once you put your items in it.
  11. I love my Trim! I have one in 35cm in Raisan. It's a very classic bag and one of Jackie-O's fav bags!
  12. Thanks for all the advice ,yep will head into town on sat and hopefully the trim they have is a 35.... shopmom i would love a bolide but my store has a bit of a shortage of bags....!:smile:
  13. Trim is a great decision...or maybe you may get waylaid by something else when you're there...anyway please show us pics after your exchange :smile: