Need Your Advice

  1. I have the prefrated speedy in fucia, the multi-color speedy in black, I have the denim neo speedy, I have the cerise speedy 25 and i just recently purchased the mini lin speedy 30! As you can tell i LoVE my speedys!!!
    However I have many other lv bags too like Alma, Vivan pm, papallion, Salsa, Epi noe, etc.....My question is I never purchased the original mono speedy 30. Do you think I should spend the $$$ and just but it before the price increse. Do you think I have enought speedys and just wait for something new. I know the preforated speedy is very similar to the original speedy 30 just with a splash of color, but I would only use the preforated speedy in the summer because of the holes.
    Please be honest and tell me what you would do.:nuts:
  2. I would go for the monogram speedy if you are going to use it.
  3. i like the idea of having different variations of the same bag in a collection. although the Mono Speedy is the original Speedy, you do have the Cerise and Perfo anyway. put your name down for the Damier Azur or the Mirror Speedy instead.
  4. I wrestle with this, too. I have a very small collection with a dami speedy 30, but I'm always thinking I should have a mono speedy just because it's the classic one. I say if you can afford it, get it. That's a bag that will never go out of style, but it will go up in price.:yes: Then you'll wish you had gotten it. Go for it!
  5. I think the mono speedy 30 is the best!! I say go for it!!!
  6. i love the idea of having different speedies, I only have one right now but i'm getting the azur speedy when it comes out. If you are going to use the mono speedy buy it, if not look into azur or an epi speedy
  7. You don't have a mono speedy yet. If you love it, go for it!
  8. i agree with deluxeduck, the mono is going to be around forever, so i say get something new like miroir or azur (or anything else you want!)
  9. Can one have too many speedies? :roflmfao: