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  1. I have other treads discussing about my broken heart. :crybaby:

    But i need your advice? I used to work with this guy that i broke up with for 3 years and I had to quit that job cause of our relationship we were constantly fighting on the job and it wasnt good..i resigned a year ago...but dont know why i want to stay connected to my old coworkers and i get jealous when they go out and dont invite me or include me in anything? makes me sad to not be a part of them anymore...i got a better job but why i am feeling this way??:confused1:

    how can i get over this??
  2. You need to make NEW connections in your life and stop dwelling on the old ones. You said this job is better than the old one, focus on doing a good job and progressing in your career.

    If you can't move on, that might be a problem. Do you think you could be depressed? You might want to mention this to your doctor. He/she would be able to help you.
  3. If they don't want you around...there's a reason. You can't impose your presence on people. Find friends that do want you around.

    Also, reading your posts, it seems like you have this need to be wanted by everyone and to be liked. Would you say you're comfortable with yourself or do you lack self esteem? You can't look to others for validation. Take this time to explore yourself and figure out who you really are and what you want out of life. Once you figure that out, you can start walking in that direction. old are you?
  4. 30 yeah my break up left my self esteem on the floor......the problem is i dont know where to start....
  5. Do you have any old friends that you can reconnect with that you lost touch with during your last relationship?

    I would suggest doing some new activities outside of work. Do you belong to a gym? If not, try one. Also, I highly recommend doing volunteer work. I volunteer with a women's organization called the Junior League, but I'm sure there are many groups in your area that would serve the same purpose.

    There also may be single womens' groups that are centered around making new friendships. Have you tried looking on Craig's List or done an internet search?
  6. do you think it would be best for me to cut ties with my friends at this company??...