Need your advice yet again! Which LV?

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  1. Ok so as another gal in another thread said, I think I'm narrowing down my pics for when I get another LV this weekend. It's between three bags that are completely and utterly different from one another but that's the fun part in picking: they're each so different! Below are the pics and keep in mind I don't carry a lot but I don't carry just a wallet and keys either. I would say I carry a normal amount of belongings in my bag. TIA! The first is the Manhattan PM, 2nd, Papillon 30 and 3rd is mini Ribera.

  2. I can't tell you anything from personal experience but from the pictures I like the Manhattan the best and then the Rivera, I don't like the round one at all. the Rivera says mini is it a lot smaller than the Manhattan? would you use the two little pockets on the front of the Manhattan?
  3. As far as the two pockets, yea, probably for my cell phone and some things I may need easy access to. The mini Ribera is a lot smaller than the Manhattan but I guess I would need to see them in person and see how they look on.
  4. the manhattan seems the most practical of the bunch but i absolutely love the shape of the mini ribera
  5. The Manhattan is absolutely gorgeous, that would certainly be #1 if I were you. I love bags with lots of pockets, and I think that the design is a little more daring than the others while still being classy and classic LV. The Ribera is #2 for me, as the papillon shape seems a little played-out, at least where I come from.
  6. The mini ribera is adorable but it's small... not small like the mini hl but much smaller than the manhattan pm. you might consider the ribera mm?

    Anyways out of those three, my vote goes for the Manhattan PM.
  7. Although I haven't seen them in person yet, but isn't the Ribera MM pretty big, maybe even more space than the Manhattan when you're looking at the sheer width of the bag? That might be even too big than what I'm looking for.
  8. I am in love with my damier Papillon.:love:
  9. I really like the Manhattan out of those three.
  10. I love the Manhattan :love: Mini ribera is also cute though!
  11. Do any of y'all own either the Manhattan or the mini Ribera? If so, what are the pros and cons?
  12. I've always loved the damier papillon. However, the Ribera is really different. Does it come in a larger size?
  13. love the papillon - i have a story to tell - four years ago i bought the large papillon from LV here in Montreal....then the following year they changed to color of the handles to a light tan - mine is the dark tan - so now when i wear it people think its a fake...i am so pss--off- LV SA's couldn't care less..........since then I swear off LV - AND I don't know about the US prices of designer styles - but the Canadian prices are through the roof.....forget about a designer bag for under a thousand - here they do not exist
  14. I actually prefer the papillons with the pigskin - they don't patina so it'll always remain that colour. :smile:
  15. They are all cute. Its too hard to decide:wacko: but if i had to pick one i would go for the manhattan. Good luck!