Need your advice! Pochette Metis vs Flandrin!?!

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  1. I recently just got the new Flandrin some of you might remember I did a reveal on it couple of days ago. Now I have a dilemma if I should keep the Flandrin or exchange it for pochette Metis ? The reason is the Flandrin looks a lot like my prada cuir bag. And I recently sold my favorite mm in de print. If you have a pochette Metis how do you like it ? I know the bag is very popular. Any advice?

    Thank you
  2. I love my PM, I have the old style model....I love that it can be worn cross body, over the shoulder and by the can fit my Sarah wallet which is nice so I don't have to switch out wallets. I have not seen the Flandrin in person but I usually do not like open bags like doesn't look like it has any kind of closure on the top? But it is a beautiful bag.....why are you thinking of the PM instead?

  3. It's because Flandrin and my prada double cuir is almost identical. So I'm thinking I don't need two of the same bag. But I do love the way it looks. I want it the Metis long time ago and talk myself out of it then I forgot about it, until I seen it on someone else.
  4. They're both beautiful bags but the hang up I have over the PM is its recent history of quality issues
  5. PM is one of my most used bags- I have the OM and haven't had an issue with it. I'd say the PM since you have another bag similar to the Flandrin. GLD

  6. That what I'm learning toward
  7. I saw the Flandrin bag in person. It's beautiful but when I tried it with the shoulder strap the handle almost came to my armpit. Can't fold the handle. I love the color too. I had to see it because of your purchase .
  8. Both are gorgeous! Because they are so different in style and functionality, I'd keep the Flandrin and get a PM eventually.
  9. Get the PM!

    Is your Flandrin and Prada the same color? If not, if you would still use both, you could keep the Flandrin and get the Pochette Metis later.

    I find the Pochette Metis very functional