Need your advice pls - KC

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  1. I m petite just 157cm. I love Kelly cut chic and classy.

    Do you think Kelly cut is for tall dressy ladies? TIA

  2. Any girl of any height and size could pull up any bag with right attitude and confidence IMHO.
  3. Hi Lizziemama, I recently got a KC and honestly I haven't stopped using it! I have been taking it to my work and to me it could be a causal or a formal bag! Depends on how you use it. I am 5 ft 6" but my lifestyle doesn't require a lot of formal bags so my KC is going to be used in a lot of casual environment
    Here is a pic of mine❤️❤️

    Attached Files:

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  4. Is it blue sapphire?
  5. Yes!!
  6. It is a beautiful bag but I found it to be too long. I am 5"1".
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  7. Anyone can use a KC! Very elegant and chic! I just found my holy grail KC at FSH. They are wonderful!!
  8. Stunning!
  9. Mind showing action pic? Thanks!
  10. Great congrats! It is rare piece!
  11. I am sorry but since I found it to be too long for my taste I did not purchase the bag (so I am unable to post a mod shot).
  12. GORGEOUS!!!
    Really love this color. Wish I could pull something like this off. I visited a KC three times before I declined it (and it was an exotic)...
  13. Thank you my dear [emoji8][emoji8]

    Thank you so much texasgirliegirl[emoji173]️[emoji173]️ .... Did you try the KP? I think you might like that.
  14. I am having the same worries...too long...
  15. I agree 10000%
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