Need your advice Please~ Damier Ribera or Speedy???

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Damier Ribera Mini or Damier speedy 25???

  1. Damier Ribera Mini

  2. Damier Speedy 25

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have read and re-read the threads on this but I still need your advice~ This is my birthday gift for January!:yahoo:
    History~ I work in the education setting and will possibly be heading some adinistrative work in the future...

    1. Damier Ribera Mini
    2. Damier Speedy 25

    Many thanks...My husband is no help...he says I should get the bigger bag as it is bigger for less $ :nuts:

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  2. i find the Ribera sizes a little weird. the Ribera MM is too big, and the Ribera Mini is tiny :wacko:. the Speedy 25 is a good-sized bag, and it can hold a lot, plus it's more affordable than the Ribera
  3. I love the damier speedy. Great size too.
  4. i like both :smile:

  5. Well Me too! LOL! But I Cannot have both...not in the cards...unfortunately~ Humpffffff ....Maybe I could ask for three wishes when I blow out those candles:nuts:
  6. I vote for Ribera mini!!! TOO CUTE and not as common as speedy!!!:love:
  7. I agree with your DH:Push:lol . Seriously the Ribera Mini is really mini. BTW your Epis make me:drool: :drool:

  8. Okay...Okay...I think maybe it is the shape that I like...because it is different (and I would Love to have a jasmin!) It is pretty close to that...I am leaning toward the speedy....right now far....could change....

    Thanks Lee~ you are so sweet....I post pics as soon as Toledo speedy gets here!:graucho:
  9. Girl, I'm in the same situation as you are...first popincourt haut, then cabas mezzo, now noe! And I still can't make up my mind...

    But I voted for the ribera! Different from the speedy and very chic. ;)
  10. I vote for ribera less common. yeah wish there was an inbetween size though.

  11. Hmmm what is a girl to do? P.s. saw a Mezzo on ebay today...take a peek...I think it was MPRS seller too...
  12. 50/50 after I voted! :nuts:
    Get the Ribera Mini!!!
    The Speedy is classic and pretty but...I've NEVER seen anyone with the Ribera mini and it's so unique!!
    You know you want to listen to me Jen :graucho:
  13. I go with the Ribera Mini. You have several epi speedies already, right?
    I think it would be a nice addition to your beautiful collection and a different shape you don't see all that often. Good Luck!:flowers:
  14. Really? Hmmm...looking over right now....;)
  15. ribera!