need your advice on this BCBG bag

  1. I know very little about this brand. just be careful about this auction as a seller they don't have any feedback. Good luck.
  2. For some reason I can't view the pics.... I had a BCBG that I bought from Sak's but returned it - the leather was soft, but the bag didn't hold its shape at all.... just not my thing...
  3. Sorry angel, it's not really my style - there seems to be a lot going on with the studs, flowers, etc. That being said, if YOU love it, it's a great price!
  4. I'm not into bags with flowers AND grommets, but get it if it's your style! It's a great price.
  5. Amazing price! I'm not a fan of the whole flowery thing going on there but other than that it's cute! If you like it go for it, but I'd get it authenticated just to be sure.
  6. The price is affordable than other designer handbags. I like the floral embroidered design and it was so stylish [FONT=Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana][/FONT]
  7. I'm not a fan of the "BCBG" logos all over the bag... but like others have said... if you really love it... get it...:flowers:
  8. Hi,

    Does anyone have the BCBG "wspr quilted" in black and white? Generally, is BCBG a good quality? I found 2 on eBay. I've been tricked by 'fakes' before and don't want to be tricked again. I doubt they are fakes; but I don't know, though. Can you please look? Thanks!!!!!

    Thanks again!!!
  9. I didn't even know they made handbags.
  10. BCBG bags? Yeah, this is new to me as well. Honestly, I dont like those flowers. Plus it is eBay, with only 8 reviews. I would think twice...

    Just noticed that the bid has ended. Angelthelson, did you bid for it?