Need your advice on my potential SB order mishap!

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  1. #1 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2010
    Hello everybody~
    My SA was kind enough to locate an etoupe togo SB for me...while I was away, he kindly sent me a picture as a preview. Needless to say, the bag is stunning. However, I noticed that there is a line of stitching on the middle front, which is a sign that it's the original JPG (the super heavy one) but not the SB II.

    I thought that they discontinued the SB I in 2008. No? How could one find an original JPG for me? Here are my concerns:

    1) the older version is HEAVY
    2) the new version has interior pockets
    2) I feel like a fool buying a bag discontinued and perhaps a two year old vintage ??!! :Push::confused1:

    What should I do? My brain tells me to turn it down because it's way too heavy and it is not what I was looking for... What are your thoughts?

    I am just very confused as to why they still carry the older version if it was indeed discontinued......
  2. They don´t carry the older version. It was/is discontinued. Maybe the picture isn´t clear enough for you to tell?
  3. Unfortunately it's a very clear picture. Yes there is the stitching...I thought that nobody had the older version too. I'm really confused and nervous.
    Lovely 64, thank you so much for replying...when I read about the extra stitching comment, I almost had a heart attack.:shocked:
  4. Why are you nervous? If you have manage to stumble over the super duper rare JPG in etoupe you should grab it asap.
  5. I would say you simply ask the SA: "It's so great that you found this for me--Thank you! Is this the first version or the second/Does this one have pockets inside?" (Or something of that sort.) You have every right to know exactly what you would be buying and asking politely seems to me to be perfectly reasonable. (And if the current version is the one you want, you have every right to say, thanks, but I'll wait for the JPG II.)
  6. really? well yes I paid for it already. It's just that it's super heavy...and you don't think that it's silly to buy a two year vintage that was never sold, in two years?
    I'll feel better if they still produce the JPG!
    Do they have the year stamp on the bag too?
  7. Thank you. Yes. I just sent him an email...I know that it's mostly my fault. I totally thought that the JPG is no where to be found on earth but ebay nowadays. I didn't bother to check if it was the original or the SB2...until I paid and had the bag shipped to the store.
    What's the weight difference b/w the two?
  8. Oh, hold on, I thought of one more thing (and please, someone correct me if I'm wrong)--The original JPG was not made in Togo, but only in Clemence. Only the JPG II came in some non-Clemence leathers (Togo and Fjord, I believe). Therefore, if this is Togo, I think it MUST be the JPG II. And if it's the original version, it must be Clemence. Your SA would not force you to take an item you don't want. Even if you already paid, you could put the payment toward another bag or hold it as a store credit until the bag you want is obtained. . . .
  9. You are right Mindi, the JPG was only made in clemence. The weight really isn´t that much different from the SBII.

    You cannot call a two year old bag vintage, lol!

    btw. why would you pay for something before you have had a chance to see it?
  10. Thanks, Mindi. The stitching is there it will be interesting if they now introduce the original stitching back? :thinking:
  11. #11 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2010's a close up..........i personally think it's gorgeous
  12. Let us know, Brooklynite, one way or another! Good luck!
  13. In that case, I'll have to visit the store and report back tomorrow. I'm really curious to see how my SB has both features - togo for SB II and middle stitching for SB I. quite rare huh?
  14. Quite impossible if I may say so;)

    Unless it was an SO made for someone especially requesting togo. Not very likely though. Good luck.
  15. hmm...he got it from a different store, so he needed me to pay first, which I don't mind. It's not common?
    Besides, I was determined that I want an etoupe SB (with VB as a perfect model). And I was so sure from the readings here that the older version was discontinued. If that information is not correct, I'll certainly come back and have it corrected! :smile: