Need your advice on Kelly of the year of my birth

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Black box Kelly is on a wish list of many of us. I came across of one which was produced the year I was born - first time I see a bag of that year.
    Although it is possible to find preowned BBK in excellent condition on web, it is quite difficult to find one of your birth year - esp. if you are almost 40!

    So what's the problem? There are two: (1) no strap; (2) I cannot see it in person (it is on consignment store website, based in Paris). They have authentication procedure, and I bought from them before, so no worries here. Just the condition of the bag (no corner wear, impeccable outside and inside, no smell, no signs of usage) - sounds too good to be true. I have never bought preowned bags before and have to admit any extensive signs of use would be a put off for me.

    The price is USD 5700. Oh and another scare is - I recently received an empty package after buying an H scarf online. So I am a bit hesitant to buy on Internet with postage. I strongly suspect it was stolen during the shipment.

    I guess I would like to know what you would do: to get it or not? How much is the strap now? Can I order it longer than the standard one and how long it takes?

    Million thanks indeed!:ty:
  2. You can purchase non-H straps here:

    There are a few threads devoted to non-H straps.
  3. I guess I know which bag you mean, as I am in my fourties also and have an eye on it:smile: Acutally I decided to move to ban island but have a trip to Paris within the next few weeks. If you want me, I could go there (I'll be there nevertheless I am on ban island, but just saying hello to the other bag I did not buy and i am still thinking about means no harm, doesn't it?) and make a few pictures for you.

  4. oh this is so kind of you! do not want to inconvenience you, but if you go there please do tell what you think. btw i am not sure the bag is in the store, it might be with the owner until sale.
    the main reason i am considering it is the year, but actually the price is in line with other stores for preowned bags. if it is sold until then, so be it! i do want an hermes strap ! cadenas r not very new looking, but i dont care about them.
    i think there is someone making offers to the seller at the moment:cry:
  5. A black Kelly for USD $700 is almost certainly a scam. If you mean $7000, that is in line with a vintage BBK in EXCELLENT condition. They do exist. My rouge H box K is 36 years old and nearly pristine.
    I believe I know the seller you mean and they seem to be considered reputable. Do they take returns?
  6. Thanks - you misread - it is USD 5700, EUR 5000. These are their market prices in Europe. I would never seriously look at USD 700 priced Kelly.
    When did you buy your rouge H and is it sellier? did you have a strap? This bag is also on my dream list...:smile:

    no they do not take returns, I can only try to resell it via their website with no commission for the same price.
  7. Hi, if it is the site I think you mean, I buy from them all the time and they are very good. I have purchased loads of items from them including a vintage box Kelly. Their process of checking items is very strict, so if it doesn't match the description they get in touch with you to say yes or no. You could always ask the seller for more pictures. Hope you get your dream bag :smile:

  8. thank you for your answer! i bought a lot in the past at that website but never a bag. a few times they offered to cancel the order because of noncomformity. do u have a pic of your kelly and when did u buy?
  9. I purchased around this time last year. It's quite an old one, 1953 I think, it's not perfect but I love it. I have a photo, but unfortunately loading keeps failing so I can't post it.
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